Thursday, 24 November 2011

Rebell- I - ous

All it took-
Is being told
No you can't.
Who's in charge?

You take inherent interest
Away, forcibly
Then please expect
Innovative influx of
Engaging enthusiasm
To do
To be
Just That.

I shall not say
I told you so.
You ought to have
Learned it, by now.

If not, you,
Very sadly, confirm
A lingering suspicion.

I've wasted time.
On you.
On opinion.

About time I discovered
A happy truth.
I love being the rebel!

24 November, 2011
Online, on a rebel's reckless train of thought :P


  1. Don't expect me to fall in line
    a mind that works on its own is mine
    and so you want catch me whine
    to be me it suits me just fine.

    Usha, Rebellio-U-s?

  2. Your poems are just so fluent...effortless and so serene.
    Loved reading them. And the collections too.

  3. Govind, thanks for underscoring all of that! Yes that is me alright :D! And I have a mile wide grin on your take on the break up of the title :) That too! Thank you!

    Sangeeta, welcome here. Thank you for the kind words! I just popped by at your blog, and left hastily because I got so darned hungry and was drooling! Awesome space there, and content. Will be back there! Thanks again!


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