Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ms. Pea, the Princess!

Once upon a time
On a mid-November day
To happy parents, was born
A pert little Princess.

Full of face
Maidenly grace
A tomboy impishness
A child's innocence, openness
Quirks, and
Sudden spontaneity
Were all gifts she grew with, into,
And carries, even now

Pretty, is she? Oh yes!
Poetic? Undoubtedly, the best!
Passionate? About almost everything,
Especially a certain...*ahem*!!!
Pouty, petulant? Errrmmm, only to charm! :D
Playful? Always, as the child
She'll always be,
No matter however many years pass!


Pea? Ah! Therein lies a
Sweet fairy tale, of the Princess
Who enchanted (as a mermaid would, perhaps)
A sea-faring, handsome young man
Only to be enchanted herself... :)
Knowing, through lifetimes lived
And yet to live, he was the ONE
To complete her! Her Prince.
The other Pea, in the pod :D!

So Ms Pea, and her Handsome Pea
Will soon find their day, their way
To the ever after horizon...

But, wait -
No that , but this day
Is hers alone, to be celebrated
To be loved, all the more

To be always wished
All of life's happiness and love :) :)

Happy Birthday, Sash-
God bless! Always!
15 November, 2011, for 16 November, 2011 :)
Pic. stolen from Sash's DP on FB :D


  1. Oh pretty PRINCESS
    may joy and health you have in excess
    sadness and troubles a little less
    with many more years of happiness
    to you,let the ALMIGHTY bless.

    Happy Birthday Sashu. Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead :)

  2. Wishing Sashu many more to come :)
    Lovely one Usha. :)
    And she is a Scorpio! :)

  3. Wowie!!! Loved this! Thanks a bunch :)

  4. Oh belated birthday wishes to your lovely princess...wish her a most happy life ahead!

  5. On behalf of Sashu, even though she is also here, in words...

    Govind, thank you :)

    Shail, a Scorpio, yes :) They're fierce and passionate, I think I remember Linda Goodman writing! Thank you!

    Dee, thank you too!

    Sashu, :) :) God Bless!


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