Sunday, 8 April 2012

Exuberance - Haiku

Bubbling over with
Sudden sparkles of frothy
Effervescent joy!
18 March, 2012
(Entirely instigated by misplaced exuberance of young girls of my class who indulged in a bit of graffiti in school, and were apprehended, red-handed :P. They wrote "Exuberantz" supposedly a "gang" name. Horrors! Yes, I did my thingy of ogre-ishness, and then wondered: How I love that word!
Hence. Because. And So. :P :) :D :lol: )
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Picture, Google Images.


  1. Joy, the thing that is so cursed
    that it'll reach a stage, then burst
    always making us feel the worst
    how we wish it would quench forever our thirst.

    Ogre-ish. I wish I could see that.

  2. Just as that bubble rising
    Beautiful, beaming, then bursting...
    Such is that wistful exuberance too :)
    Thanks Govind. And no, you certainly do NOT want to witness any sort of ogre-ish ness that I am capable of! As I'd like you to go on reading the stuff here :D


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