Friday, 20 April 2012


Disappointment has a rancid taste.
One you don't expect;
One that will, each time,
Take you by surprise.
No matter that you anticipate,
Expect and avoid, simultaneously.
No matter that you know
It will somehow sneak in.
Contrary as it seems
There is a pattern.
Each time, the same.
The build-up to expectation. 
The garnering of shreds
Of feeling, tangible and otherwise.
The neglect of  the knowing. 
The  ignorance.
The pattern falling in place.  
And you tell yourself.
I know. I knew!
I've learnt my lesson.
20 April, 2012 


  1. I know there is a lesson left by every disappointment but I juts can't figure it out.and hence I fall on my face,stumbling upon ,each time,the same rocks.n I keep feeling im deeply disappointed in the way I feel disappointed for the same things.if only,i knew what the lesson is,i could stop myself from getting disappointed for things that did (not) happen!!

  2. I know ther is a lesson left behind every disappointment,big and small.i just cant figure it out.nd I fall o n my face each time for the same thing that did(not) happen. I jus don't get it :(

  3. To the teacher (or is it the student) a small note,
    they say a lesson is well learnt by rote.
    Though life always gives something interesting to quote,
    it would most definitely kill you with a garrote.

    'The neglect of the knowing. The ignorance.' Liked it immensely,but somehow felt it would have made better impact without the period in between. Just my feeling

  4. Vandana, oops :) I seem to have approved both comments, though in duplicate. I do not want to delete any here, so I shall leave it there. Thank you for being here, and sharing your take on it. And well, I can offer you empathy, because that is how it is sometimes, most times with me too. I would have thought I'd had my lesson, but there I am, having slipped up on yet another banana skin I forgot to look out for :)

    Govind,a student here. Always the student, even in the teacher :)
    I loved the wisdom of your words, and thank you for the suggestion. The period there and elsewhere is much more of an obsession with me, I think. I have this sort of magnetic attraction towards that dot. :) But, as you say, it creates a better impact without it. And produces a contrast too. Thank you for your suggestion, and as always, the quatrain you gift! Infinite and endless thanks :)


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