Sunday, 8 August 2010


There, within the heart
When all else blacks out
Is the one single thought.

That keeps me real.
That makes me whole.
Cold and warm.

As I sink into the
Ripple of a dream-
Tipping back, gently
Enveloped by waves
Of Consciousness, that
Touch, caress, and leave...

My body feels lighter
Yet, I sink, slip
Under the surface
Groping, looking
Searching, seeking

For that something
I have lost- and
Need to own, to be
Once again.

And in that dream
I share with you
I find that - my heart
With yours - when you
Rise, to sink with me-
When we wake together...

Into that perfect conjoining
Of a jigsaw puzzle
The parts to the whole

Being that tangible totem
Of consciousness...
Then we know.

That we always did.

20 July to 8 August, 2010

Totally (and obviously :D) inspired by "Inception"; actually the totem concept was fascinating, and I have yet to get over how mesmerizing the whole idea of the totem is, in reality!


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  3. Making a poem out of Inception's soul concept is still fine which ofcourse takes a lot of understanding from the author, anyway. But I can not but ADORE the point where someone who hasn't seen the movie can relate to a simple romantic charm that prevails throughout the poetry and finishes so delicately.

    Beautiful is the word and sheer mastery!

  4. Soumya, you always, but always grace the writes with a benediction of such gentle charm, that they are blessed indeed. AS I am :) Thank you immensely!

    :) :) Layers in the comment too :) as always :)

  5. Words flowing like unending stream
    joining together and without a seam
    like ripples in sunlight they gleam
    makes one wonder if we are in a dream.

    As usual fantastic Usha. :)

    In the real sense I can't comment on Totem
    I haven't seen Inception or its post-mortem
    with work I have been out of the system
    and caught in a irreveocable diastem.


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