Friday, 30 July 2010


Feelings fill fathomlessly
Much maligned am I this eve :
With words uttered, no reprieve
Asses a few, I could kick anew
Not just sit here and mew

Deep do I delve needlessly
Wait and watch wordlessly
Heaving heart, hurting, hopelessly!!

Do I teach or learn;
One I do, &and it is what I earn;
But that dear folks is endlessly learn;
For to teach alone by turn;
ISN'T it,one MUST Learn!

Let me end this ranting spree
Tho' I'm charged no fee
I know you too might be free
But spare you, I must, lest you flee

Online, on a rant, on #chrymelog, on Twitter :)
30 July, 2010


  1. Hahaha! Teachers are the last people who would learn, and moreover very difficult to teach :) [Thats my father saying when I started teaching part-time during my Engineering college days...he too used to be a teacher in his younger days :)

    Anyway, I LIKE this rant, Usha...if it were an other day I would have enjoyed more...because I myself was ranting in some of those days :)

    its been a while I have not been around, but hope to read more poems from you Usha :)


  2. Devika, absolutely true, your observation on teachers; even now, most often! :)
    Thank you for the visit; yes, it's been a long time :) Best wishes to you too :)

  3. thanks Usha :)


  4. Whats the object of your tirade // Is it because of something someone said // think of all your pupil who need to be led // and with those happy thoughts go to bed.

  5. Lol Twitterant! You never lose a chance to 'express and explore' do you! and how honestly so.

  6. Govind :) Yes something someone said, and some people who never change :D. Well, that is to be expected, but then again, well one lives on because of what must be done, no matter what :) Perceptive, as always :) :) thanks for the understanding!

    Soumya :) What's life without an opportunity to try new things out ?? :D Thanks so much!

  7. Hahaha! Have been reading you on twitter too. Yeah even teachers who impart learning, must learn! :P
    But about one thing you are wrong. I am not fleeing anywhere in a hurry, So go on that ranting spree some more! ;)

  8. Shail, LOL! No you don't want to stay and listen to more ranting, I would guess; because such blatant instigation will release floodgates of angst.. :D!
    Thanks awfully for the instigation nonetheless. I shall patiently wait for you to say STOP!!! or HELP!!! Don't worry, I understand completely how nutty one needs to be :) :)


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