Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Coming Together

From a speck where it all started
Blossoming - an amalgam of a spectrum
Exploding into existence,
Then shrinking into familiarity
The colours vivid, the emotions livid,
What's within, and what's without
All there, and none at all!

Contradictions abound.
I am you, and you Me!
I soak in that Wonder-
That we have enriched
Each other- through the
Memories our cells carry
Back to the womb of Creation!

Her Thought! Are we That?
From the maturity of perfection in creation
Do we degenerate into the immaturity of a life?

Each cell we posses, not ours
Each person, Her own, hers alone?
Of isolation, of belonging
Of coming together, in That Heaven
Parts of whole, whence we came
To where we

Never can return?

8 July, 2010

Edited to add :)
After re reading Siddharth's comment, I came back to a few posts I had here, much earlier :) Just to share an uncanny (maybe not so much, after all... :) cell memory :D!)


Homing In


  1. How do I rate this one. There are multiple layers in this poem which talk about their own stories, so independently.

    Life is a full circle, some say. But can we get to the same place again? Can we go around it or can we come back, rewinding? I wonder. I wonder, not.

    What's within, and what's without
    All there, and none at all!

    I guess that explains. :) Enriching poetry.

  2. Soumya, thank you. Very difficult to put across the feeling of having been enriched by that comment too. I like that observation. Can we ever get back to the place again? From where it all started? "I wonder. I wonder, not. " Typical you. :)
    Thanks a ton!

  3. "From the maturity of perfection in creation
    Do we degenerate into the immaturity of a life?"

    Loved reading and delving into the mysteries of this poem. A beautiful truth.

  4. Aayushi :) Thank you! I don't really know, though. Most of it is still a mystery to me :) :) Thank you for being here :)

  5. I was thinking of the big bang theory from the very first para. May be the physicist in me couldn't resist that tone. Interestingly this wisdom has been explored in so many philosophies especially our own Advaita. :D LOL even the led zeppelin's used "When all are one and one is all" in "stairway to heaven"..

    thoroughly enjoyed these lines especially because I subscribe to a philosophy close to the sentiments expounded by you.. But I hope the last question is answered by "we will return definitely(to the original state)"

  6. I know, Siddharth, a lot of the notions are rather cliched :) :) And well, let me get to led zepplin's stairway to heaven, once more. Quite forgot the lyrics there :)

    Thanks so much for being here, and sharing your thoughts :) Appreciate it. Will we return? I dont really know!

  7. They said that it was my first victory
    competing against trillions to become me
    A criminal goes back to the crime scene we see
    but will a victor go back to the scene of victory?

    "From the maturity of perfection in creation,Do we degenerate into the immaturity of a life?". Usha very profound and how very true. I feel jealous at your ability to constantly come out with such gems.

  8. Aha Govind! This is what I should be writing. About feeling jealous, of your ability to always pick a perfect response too!
    A criminal goes back to the crime scene we see
    but will a victor go back to the scene of victory?

    Assuming that of course, we have been victorious! In the perfection of conception! What a profound obseration too! Amazing resonance there, Govind! Thank you so much! Made my day!

  9. Wow!!!

    //From the maturity of perfection in creation
    Do we degenerate into the immaturity of a life?//

    And I also enjoyed the conversation above!!

  10. IHM :) :)

    I rather love those conversations too :) :) Make more sense of the words that come and share themselves here :)

  11. Mulling over the multi-layers! :) I love this one (like most others) :)

  12. A poem that seeks answers about Creation that we cannot give...the first stanza is a flower, a girl, a young man or a thought? Who can tell when its sewn into many plateaus such as this...

    Mother nature is a painter with colours so vivid they can never be replicated by us..we are just a blank page...of a large voluminous book of Fate

  13. teacher , this is just pure work of genius.. i just admire the choice of words you use in your poems and its just like a piece of art when you stack them in a line and put them together in a verse..

    mom has warned me not to comment in your blog as you are still my teacher ..he he.. but just cant help it... sorry.. I'm a regular prowler of your blog and im learning a lot from you.. thank you..

  14. @ Shail :):) Thank you so much :) For mulling and for liking the write :)

    Rohan, good to see you here as well! The template of your blog is just awesome :) Will get there soon. :) Thank you so very much :)

    Siddharth. Thank you. For once, I'd say not listening to your mother is something I, personally, am rather happy about :) I hope to God she does not read this reply :) :)Prowl here is it? By all means do. And do write in whenever you feel like it :)

    Thank you for the kind words on the writes here :) I ramble about, and have great fun doing it and sharing it, and reading about views on it here :)

    I have taken quite a fancy to your writing as well! So keep writing, and writing, and enriching yourself :) Thanks once again! Good to have you here!

  15. Awed, as always! The coming together...Hmmm...for me, this speaks of something lost; something that has irrevocably changed directions...

    Liked the above comments; offered me more to understand! Above my league muse, I gather :)


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