Sunday, 18 April 2010

Haiku -Enchanted Sprite

I am the rose's
soft blush, shining through dew drops-
your enchanted sprite!

18 April, 2010

Haiku is Japanese lyric poetry, in which seasons, emotions, nature, find expressions in concise, numerically limited lines and syllables. The one above is in the 5-7-5 pattern. There are also 3-5-3 patterns. That is, threel ines, populated by words, totally making up 5 , 7 and 5 syllables in all. The breakdown, given below is thus:

I/ am/ the/ ros/e's (5)

soft/ blush/, shi/ning/ through/ dew/ drops-(7)

your/ en/chan/ted /sprite!(5)

More of my Haiku here :)

Visit aha poetry for more information on Haiku, Tanka, Senryu, etc

Picture, courtsey:


  1. Lovely Haiku, great early morning read! :)

  2. L.O.V.E.D. IT.

    So refreshing. Second Aayushi completely. Remember the old days. Your haikus are always so soothing.

  3. Beautiful Haiku :D
    Fresh and fragrant like rose :)

    Keep up the good work :D


  4. Aayushi, thank you so much! Refreshed by your words too!

    Soumya, :) :) Just revisiting the Haiku was lovely, though this is just a simple silly effort, an effort that shows :)Thanks for the encouragement!

    Chatterbox.. thank you :)

  5. Your poems are better than a picture, for a picture is worth only a thousand words,
    Whereas your poetry brings to its readers joy as would a flock of songbirds
    though some of them would sound so cryptic like the clues of crosswords
    Most of them that come straight from your heart
    would pierce ours like swords.

  6. PRG.. :) I don't know how you do it
    Find words and notions, together to fit
    That make me jaw drop and sit :)
    In awe at your superlative wit :)

    Thanks, so very much!

  7. Who is enchanted by whom? That, dear Ushus, is a question worth asking:) I know the answer.

    Do you?:)


  8. Indygurl, I know many answers :P :P !!!

    And, I like that question :) :) Thanks Indy :)


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