Thursday, 1 April 2010

Love is in the Air!


Spring has come again-

Wafting on the wind
Is that familiar ache-
Of loving and yearning...
That poignant hush
That brings with it a sweetness.


Hearts meet, hope and build
Nests, in the wildernesses of dreams!
Couched in the same certainty;
The security of togetherness-

Where, yet again, I and you
Meet and melt, into us...
into that circle of completeness...

29 March, 2010

For Devesh and Bindya, and all those in love :) May God keep your nest safe, warm, and loving always :)

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  1. So beautiful! Always a pleasure to read your work, maam!

  2. Like-minded,between them their souls they bare
    Or wordlessly into each others eye they stare
    Vying from their partners for love and care
    Enamoured they say LOVE is in the air.

  3. Thanks aayushi :)

    PRG... :)
    You take commenting to a new level of pleasure-
    Each one you leave behind is a treasure
    Words, rhymes and rhythms they measure
    For us to savour at leisure :)

    Thank you :)

  4. Lovely poem mom, id say tht ur saying things tht are running through their minds. Realy i too wish em a happy life together. And by the way... she is soo awsumm ur gnna luvv her.

  5. Arjun, Thank you :) Wish them the best always too :) Cant wait to meet them as well!

  6. Beautiful.

    Melted reading this one, gawrgeous read!

  7. Oh! there is a saying, no one makes it look more beautiful than Sachin playing a straight drive, his favorite stroke.

    So, need I to say anything more? :P


  8. devesh----
    to begin with 'bows' traditionally ,for the blessing and ofcourse an elated and soothing read ...this means a lot seriously .....bindiya was numb for 10 min ,after reading. love you and hoping to meet you tons of gash to talk to you....and btw i lied your elder son is a jerk:).........i hate him


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