Sunday, 23 January 2011

Purple Passion

With quiet intensity
He held the wine goblet;
Nursing the wine
His fingers around the stem.

He watched-

The way she laughed

The way people
flocked around;
Just as mesmerized.

Consumed slowly by the
Surging passion within,
He never knew
When the wine spilled,
And mingled with his blood;

When the stem snapped
Between his fingers.

22 September, ‘07


  1. Was the passion caused by his anger?
    or because she was flirting with danger?
    or may be due to the fear of losing her?
    or the frustration that he is no longer younger?

    Red with anger, green with envy, yellow with fear and purple with frustration. Beautiful.

  2. Govind, :D! I am not quite sure which colour best coordinates for him, with the myriad hues so appropriately crafted! your verse in reply is more vivid than this write could ever be :)
    Thank you!

  3. Purple passion or
    Green eyed jealousy?

  4. The intensity of jealousy, posessiveness, anger? so much in such a short are amazing as always Usha Ma'm.

  5. IHM... :) both in fair measure, I'd guess :D

    Sunitha, Thank you, so very much, Sunitha!

  6. Refined note of expression. Don't remember reading it in AP too.

    Keep surprising.

  7. Soumya, the surprise is self directed too :) I sometimes wonder where it all came from!
    Thank you for being here!


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