Wednesday, 19 January 2011


As with Kundera's
Unbearable lightness of being
So with the openness
That begets such heaviness
I face blankness

The vastness of a suddenly vacant consciousness
The vanished vanquished vanity
Of an arrogant artful me
All knowing I was
Oh How I Was

Till this dot of time
A Period
To punctuate a life that flowed
Unhesitatingly, unbeknown to lightness
Of heart, Of feeling, Of being.

Lighter of my excess emotional baggage
I sag. Not lift.
I lag. And drift.

Seeking closure. That which
Will never be, seeing that
I could never
Never let you go.

19 January, 2011
Online. Assaying antithetical presumptuous nonsense :D


  1. It has that rawness, that unedited, the not too perfectly polished reality in it.

    Has the endearing passion. Keep this for it shows you as a mirror. :)

  2. Soumya... raw, uedited, unpolished... are keys to writes here anyway... and this one more than most. Lol! Thanks for finding something even in this absurdity :D! Thanks a ton!

  3. Memories like a foot in the door,
    makes letting go a difficult chore.
    Buried thoughts from the times of yore,
    germinate from within as if from a spore.

    Beautiful. Just loved it, especially the pun with "Period"

  4. Govind, thank you. To be honest, I did not realize that figure of speech till you pointed it out in your note! So double thank you :) :)


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