Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Me? Or I?

Coiled within, deep down
Unwilling to unravel
Is me.

Is me; or, is it I?
It must be me-
Subdued, subjugated
Submerged, subservient...

Not I, when I have been
Above all that, which dared
To subject, to assail,
To undermine, to negate.

Indeed, I was,
Had been, the One
Who'd seen it all.
All? Hollow laughter escapes
My heart, laden with
Molten emotion.

Like those drops of mercury
They curiously cohere-
Gathering within, drowning
Filling, but never spilling.

Oh no! They're too guarded,
Too careful, to ever despoil-
To be so uncouth, as to bare themselves.

Me. Blanketed-
Waiting for I, with You.
To stir me. Energize. Vibrate.
And will, into that
Ultimate Union- when I and me
Become You.

9 February, 2010


  1. Oh! Its so 'relieving' to see your blog alive again. Have missed you and this space dearly. Can complain a thousand things but its your poem that dilutes anything again.

    Just awesome.

  2. Soumya, a humble thanks, for just being there, and putting down those words... they mean more than I can ever tell you :) You know why :)

  3. an ultimate piece of poetry here... the last line literally shook me.. very moving indeed.. keep blogging!

  4. Thank you, Parv Kaushik, those are words that do grace the write :) Thank you ever so much!

  5. Gerry Boyd, thank you for the visit. And more so, for the way you picked up something from the write that I thought was too obscure! Thank you immensely for that!!! There is that, the Kundalini, at a particular level... but I wanted to leave it open ended, so I did not delve too much into that bit of imagery! For now, replete that something touched a chord, somewhere, with a reader! Made my day!

  6. Wonderful lines. Good to see your post! And yes, most often we do see a vast difference between the me and the I.....and I believe that bliss lies in bridging the gulf between them!

    Very well written!

  7. Usha , am speechless at the beauty of the words u have weaved so well, and more so by the reflection of thoughts they convey......wow...am so glad i made the time to visit your blog.

  8. Coiled within, deep down
    Unwilling to unravel
    Is me.

    Deep. Stirring. Profound.
    Each word exudes greatness.

  9. The subject versus object - a little complicated but challenging to decipher :). I have cautiously stepped back into blogging again. Please do check my new blog http://roopa-driftingdandelions.blogspot.com

  10. The struggle, the image, the shadow, the mirror?

    I have been humbled again to read this.Words have deserted me in tryst to appreciate the write!

  11. I had to read this again and again
    like peeling off layers of an onion
    to get to the bottom of the ultimate union
    the master and the minion meshed by a pinion
    each word written is worth a million.

    Usha,need more of this

  12. Nice post Usha Ma'am. The eternal struggle between me and I. Ultimately, both being melt into "you". Nice close!

  13. Reading it again:)
    And no, I cannot claim to understand all of it...the hidden nuances...but I am trying and gaping in amazement at it all:)

    PS:_ The only way I can comment here is by using my old account Ushus , Blogspot hates WP it seems :D

  14. How profound! Weaved with an ease!

  15. Its awesome to read your poem!!! good work...lot of depth...the struggle within oneself..

  16. Rakesh, thank you :)

    Poonam, Glad that you could visit too... am long overdue on so many blogs now... wl certainly come over and soon hopepfully :) Thank you so much!

    Tullika, dont know about greatness... but do feel great reading that note :) Thanks so much!

    Roopa, so good to hear from you :) A new address? Wl check it out soon :) And thank you, even if it did not register much :) It still has to, even with me :) :)

    Prabhu, as always, you bring in something I would not even have imagined, and make it sound so much better that it really is :) Am humbled by that as always :) Thank you!

    Govind, uniquely yours are your words
    They hover over the writes like gentle birds
    And my thoughts, then they settle,into herds
    Of words, so glad that you actually heard(s)!!

    Pardon the poetic licence deployed there; just took a leaf out of Ogden Nash's style :) Govind, you are the best there is, with those verses. Thank you so much!

    Trinath, thank you so much!

    Indy, Meg, you're forgiven :)I am not sure how much I understand it myself :P! (don't tell anyone ok???) Lol. Thanks sweets, and yes, blogspot seems to have that huge problem with wp users :(

    Tamarind, thank you for the visit, and the lovely words!

    Aayushi, thank you too :)


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