Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Like You've Never, Before...

Dream like it's the only place to go.
Wake, like you've reached. 
Sing, as if that's all you do.
Dance, the rhythm's flowing from you. 
Love. Each moment, you can. 
Be the hero. You're the only one. 
Maybe, the villain. It IS such fun.
Box, pummel, strike, slap.
Zip, zoom, zonk and zap. 
Remember those secrets.
Now tell them ALL.

Sigh. You know, I'm happy.
I can do them all.
I do. Honest. 

You see, I read 'em books.
And they let me. 

19 June, 2013


  1. I laughed out loud at the line about being a villain :D

    The poem was lovely, and absolute fun, but the ending was even sweeter, when I realized you were talking about reading. That is of course one of the best parts of life. :D


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