Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Stewed :D

Will you not give me of your time?
A moment, that is all I seek.
Oh! I am, as you can see, tied up.
And bowed though not quite cowed, said she.
I do, I see, said he. But a moment, please?
It would, it would certainly set me at ease.
Seeing that as you are the one, the only
Who can best decide, how it shall be ...
I really need to know, I do
If it's fine, with you, that I use two
Eggs in the recipe you showed me yesterday
Or would you really have it the eggless way
The way you told me, given your propensity
For the heath food crazy stuff, that too with tenaciy
When I've told you, endlessly, I love you,
Only because, you, you're just beautiful as YOU.
Well, said she, now that you put it so lovingly
I guess those eggs'll do just fine,
And anything else you'd like to add as well
So long as you're the one in charge
Of Kitchen Duties, now, and all the times ever :D
1 July to 10th July :)It took a while to stew this one. The flavour hasn't quite got itself write, as you can see :P
Pic: Google Images Search :D

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