Saturday, 28 June 2008

Random Rambles

Have you ever thought
How strange but true
It is-

That the highest mountain
Will seem so easy to climb,
But the little hillocks around
So insurmountable!

That the widest river
You shall conquer, perhaps,
Though it take time,
But the puddles at the doorstep
You'd hesitate to cross!

That the thickest woods
You'd dare to explore,
But shirk from walking
That mile, through the fields!

That lofty ideals are
Ever appealing
Ever in sight,
But the steps to them
Ever a hindrance
Always that step too distant!

What a fickle thing
The mind is-
Always wanting
Little attempting!

27 June, 2008


  1. Always wanting
    Little attempting!

    Only you could have surfaced it so casually and simply! This one holds,in large scale ,the total reflection of our mind.very truly.

    Its just the observation that makes this one so special yet something one would think so easy to write ,which is not ,by any means.

    our mind ,always consoling ,seldom attempting. :)

  2. so very casual progression from de seemingly mundane to the facet f basic human mind... wow..!

    great goin, mema!!

  3. Again, casually you hit the nail on the head! Last verse my fav!!

  4. this i needed today

    thank u :)

  5. Thanks so much, all of you:) Sorry to be late here:)

    Soumya, thank you; always a delight to have your words here:)


    Ruhiya, thanks :) I like the last part myself too :)

    Anu :) thanks!

    Shalu, glad it could be of help too.. :) thanks for dropping by:)

    Shail, thank you too.. Honoured that you found time to read a couple :)


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