Saturday, 21 June 2008

A Question

A vagrant wind of aeons past
Touches the soul this thoughtful day
Whispering forgotten melodies and ballads many
Stories oft repeated, always sought, and little understood
A fond theme, for the seeker and the teacher

What of Life? What of Solace? What of Spirit?

Life in this goldfish bowl, where solace there be none
But the spirit, it yearns in endless cycles...

A question, asked of a seer-
Renunciation, that be the key?
To unlock the pain, the joy and the peace?

The seer, laughs, as a child does too-
When nonsense, gibberish, quaintly uttered, pleases-
Know you the weight of the word? Mildly.
What seekest thou, to renounce? Mischievously.

Why, wealth, desire, bonds and attachment!

A merry twinkle, with the moral ensues:
Hush! Dear youth, have you but sought to know
What you have renounced thus, till now?
The call of your soul, the plea of the One Within?
Have you not already renounced Salvation?
What then, remains, to be forsaken?
For Salvation?

17 June, 2008


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