Saturday, 21 June 2008


Everyday, the same time-
They'd walk down the lane
Together, never speaking-
Just a shy lass and lad.

He sometimes looks absorbed;
And she, serene and gentle.
The way they walk together-
I know, they know!

For it's only the sheer certainty
The assuredness of a faith deep
Of empathy, of knowing, surely,
Of loving and being loved-

That can speak, in that silence-
Not merely pregnant, but holding
The cosmos, the entire universe
Of their simple, profound love!

Knowing, it's that, what we know,
A warmth spreads, as you steal silently, behind,
Wrap your arms around me,
And smile into my hair...

Why, I will never know-
They look up, at us, at that instant-
Fleetingly, before walking on...

28 May, 2008


  1. So very visible was the time frame when she merged into me!

    The sense of irony is- We are always spectators to all the good things.. At Best speculative!

  2. Prabhu Dutta Das: First of all, thank you for the visit, the read the light you shine on this! You words elevate this beyond the thought behind its construct!
    Thanks so much. Indeed, the irony becomes so evident with that insight!

  3. Dropped down to check your comment humbling my little estimate,whoa!

    Hence the second read was warranted! This time this struck me full on face as my eye span gazed the Recognition and Robert Frost's words(woods are lovely...)

    Coincidental Answer? The divine intrusion?

  4. @Prabhu Dutta Das :) Ah! Now that is a conundrum for me at times, as to whether the divine intrusion is a coincidence... :) Indeed, it is your note that has made me wonder all over again, as to the nature of coincidences... Most times I am convinced that it had to be; not a coincidence!

    Thanks, again :) for giving this more of an aura now:) And me, more to chew upon, lol!

  5. Was it envy, that he felt before he smiled into your hair? envy for having seen someone feel something that is returned back in full.. and an attempt to feel the same

  6. Ah. The irony continues I see.
    Perhaps the envy. Perhaps the anticipation. Perhaps the knowing.

    I don't know :) I'm merely a conduit for those words, when they pass through; but I love the way they speak to each reader here, differently!

    Thank you Hrishi :) for that perspective too!


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