Thursday, 1 September 2011

Utopia or Misanthropia??

Was a time, they sighed
When this be a place
Flowed with milk of human kindness
And Honeyed words...

Was a time, he thought
When each rainy June
I'd bungle, burgle and
Flee, no loot to boot...

Is a time, now, we wonder
Where to has fled that milk and honey...
And he wonders, with awe
How I struck lucky this rainy August night
Booty and Loot and all!

Sigh. And Sigh alike
Regret. Rejoice.
This 'wonder' is here to stay!

Garbled scrambled (non)sense :D
1 September, 2011


  1. There is a thing called hope
    that binds the beggar and the Pope.
    People lose it and in darkness grope
    and some who are unable to cope
    go searching for some magic dope
    or go scurrying for the rope.
    Don't worry, all that seems lost will come back- HOPE.

    We should have a silly rant contest.

  2. Govind. I bows mine head to you
    That you, yet again, fine sense anew
    Silly or not, you bring hope all new
    Simply, in that, this chryme got to you :D!

    I write silly rant.
    You write awesome rant (if YOU insist on calling it that :D!).
    No contest.


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