Tuesday, 30 August 2011

For You, Neeti :)

Lovely, lissome
And always on the
Brink of Laugher

Charming Grace
Quiet understanding-
Great company on a
Binge of fun and frolic!

Resonating wavelenghts
With the empathy of knowing-
The said, more, the unsaid :)

Daughter Dear-
You are joy, you are light :)
And you are wished dearly
This day...

May God Bless you
With Love and Success...
May your fount of hope
Never run dry :)
May the brightest colours
Of your Dreams
Weave themselves into
The tapestry of
Happiness, and blessings, always :) :)

Happy Birthday, Neeti :)

30 August, 2011

(The previous post on this page is for Ashwin, my second born, to whom this daughter of mine, Neeti, is engaged :) :) Nicey nice :) :) )


  1. Happy Birthday to Neeti!
    Beautiful both Neeti and the poem :)

  2. Neeti,
    A mother like Usha there are only a few
    and all I can say is 'Lucky You'
    As you start another phase of life anew
    I wish you happiness through and through.
    Happy Birthday.

  3. Govind, thank you, for the wishes (on Neeti's behalf, and mine :) ) and for kind words for a m - in - laaa to be :D!


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