Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Misty morning 

Mooring undone 

I drift. 

Wondering, wandering 

No pier in sight, and yet 


Breakers sound, in the distance 

As your call. 

Home. Harbour. A safe berth. I am born again.

2 August, 2011
Nonsensical yet... :)
Pic: Courtesy Google Image Search


  1. I beg you please
    save me from these
    choppy seas
    I long for some peace
    and in you me sees
    a cure for my disease.

    Hopelessness and hope in a single verse.A wave that tries to drown you also brings you up for some fresh breath. Beautiful.

  2. Your words I would like to freeze
    And keep as fresh, for they do please
    And to this write give fresh lease
    Of life, and depth, with such ease :)

    Thank you seems inadequate. But it will have to do for now, Govind. Only, I offer it over and over again.... :)

  3. loved this one. Was perfect for my mood today.


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