Saturday, 30 July 2011

Did you call...

... today, and find no answering vibe?
Or, perhaps, that was just a fleeting
Poignant wistful daydream
That chanced upon my wayward wishes
And found one earnest, edgy, longing...

Did you? Or was that something
Someone, somewhere, calling from
A distant memory, suddenly surfacing
After an aeon of indifference?

I wish the haunting of my
Thoughts would cease...
Seize my senses, else, and
Draw them along the tracks
Pencilled in sepia shades
To that place we used to be...

To the fondest nook
Of the softest corner
Of our hearts.
Stupefied by traitorous time
In still, yet, tender talons.

O Love,

30 July, 2011
Pic: Courtesy Google Image Search :)


  1. I sit trying hard to recall
    when from your grace did I fall?
    All I remember are the times that did enthrall
    when did our love run into the wall?
    please tell me, for your call wait I shall.

  2. Govind :) :) Your words will always call
    And always will they enthrall
    No matter, even if they run into a wall :)
    And call on moments I cannot recall!

    This verse is better than all of that silly nonsense upon which it was written, as usual! Thank you!

  3. As I have already said,

    You have never given yourself so much like the way you have, here.

    It's personal, unconscious, soft.

    it's one of my favourite poems from you, from anyone for that matter.

    Will remember this for long. Thank you.

  4. Soumya, all of those profoundly delicate adjectives you give this write make me realize I am truly blessed. Thank you. Endlessly!


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