Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Time... enough

Swirling in
Stabbing dust storms
Each mote, smoting upon
Tendernesses never to be...

Time, easing down, sometimes
Smoothing into oblivion,
Like stars fading in pearly dawn
Blanketed, never gone,
That icy cold...

Time, talking terms, making deals
Manouevering, manipulating...

Time, for me?
It's never time.

1 July, 2011
Absurdly timeless :)


  1. wow...

    am it a it a question or is it a puzzle...

    but loved it!!!

  2. Though there are times that they seem to linger
    when it is for me they somehow always slip through the finger
    as if in revenge and veritable show of its anger
    unable to balance the credit and debit in its ledger
    eternally indebted will I pass away with unsatiated hunger?

    Usha, beautiful verse.

  3. Rahul, thank you for the perseverance you show in still seeking these troubled and troubling writes :) And whatever what you think, it is that. That is how it should be too!

    Govind you verse, is what is more beautiful yet. Sigh. I keep wondering how you do it!


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