Thursday, 28 July 2011

Can I, Please...

Ungrammatical I shall be
For I am not concerned with 

Rather the antics of 
A Drama Queen

She Lords, she Laughs
She dictates, she deigns
To condescend upon lesser mortals
The toss of her mane, and 
Ubiquitous sniggers
Irreverant to tradition, but
Oh yes! Loyal to fastidiousness 

Drumming up 
Strumming up
Stirring up from 
Her cauldron wild and wanton wiles
To fox, feign and frighten

Wilder yet the melodrama
(Though why it be called mellow drama
Confounds me yet...!)
When outfoxed, stared down
And talked to, for a change!

So, O Queen, Can I, please
(and grammar be damned!)
Laugh at you?

28 July, 2011
Seriously erratic today :D
(Pssst... can you see a smiling smiley? I cant... :( - I can now - 30 July.. :D)


  1. The first image that came to me after reading this was that of medusa..(I had been watching "the Rescuers" with my son recently..) and the second one , of the witches in macbeth. Very vivid description and I thouroghly enjoyed it

  2. And can i please laugh with you Usha? -- No any dearth of Drama Queens out there....even if you don't want to be one, they will make one out of another!

    sorry if it sounded like a rant, rash or harsh....was here before when i saw some additions before...but somehow missed to comment, and closed the window before!

    Great going - erratic or not :)


  3. Ladies, thank you for the redemption this silliness receives :) :)

    Sunitha, first off, I cannot imagine you sitting and watching anything with your son :) I mean, for me, you're still sitting in my class and .... :) You get me? Secondly, it's awesome, thinking of you and your son together! God Bless! And most of all... thank you for being here. Macbeth you say? Bingo there as well!!! Lol!

    Devika, glad you could join in! And any rant, rash or harsh, always welcome! But you're right, sometimes there are DQs and those who make DQs out of you! Ha!Thank you!

  4. but then Shakespeare said it...All the World is a stage.....

    and to be or not to be is question - and sometimes there is no other option but to be! :)

    and to those who make DQs out of another -- the going isn't seems great as it is here, my DQ! :)

    anyway, thanks for you feels nice to cnnect again after a long time...though i am not much around in blogs and comments - except a very few....bas, no much interest in the drama :)


  5. Usha please mind your p's and q's
    and be careful when you air your views
    for we don't know who might peruse
    and understand that it is an abuse
    then there are the appraisals and reviews.

    I guess an equally erratic rant.

  6. Govind thank you for the views
    Advice, Concern and worry about news
    Here, which may cause, to blow, a fuse
    But Circuit, circumvent, capitulate the dues
    I sha'n't; least of all those dratted ps and qs :D
    This is something I've had to choose
    Or else quite simply blow my fuse.

    Rant it is. Erratic, certainly. Oblique hopefully. Silly, definitely :) :)
    Thanks Govind!


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