Saturday, 23 July 2011

Waxing and Waning

Am I here, or there
Nowhere? Yet everywhere?
Around you, in the scent,
Irresolute, and indefinable,
A whiff, that comes upon the
Light breeze of memories?
Or the heaviness of reality?

The tides turn, tuned to
A testy treacle moon
As you do, and I...
Awash, washed away,
Smothered, cloying
The fragrance of love
Is overpowering.

I am, therefore,
Waxing poetic,
In the light of the
Waning moon.
Still, longing,
Yearning, as that
Fox... Unrequited.


12 July, 2011

(Pic Courtsey Google Image Search :) )


  1. Worry not for the waning moon
    as it will grow again very soon
    and you will be granted a boon
    for your love will hear your commune
    and a butterfly will emerge from the cocoon.

  2. Thank you Govind. No matter, the sun, moon or boon, a butterfly will have to emerge now!


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