Wednesday, 12 October 2011


What takes perhaps
Momentary lapses of time
To learn, adopt and
Make one's own-

Takes an aeon or beyond
To unlearn-
If at all it can be.

Most especially if one carries
The habit, the memory,
The potential
Deep within the cell memory-

Coursing in the vein;
Tunnelled through the
Umbilical cord-
Aeons, generations down.

Learning has always been easy.
And Unlearning just that, the greatest challenge.

12 October, 2011


  1. If only we had a 'delete' button to make our hardwares clean
    All the unwanted things we can remove from our gene
    and from all those undesirable habits,we oourselves can wean
    Oh, once again a case of 'if only it had been....'

  2. Always a case of "if only.." these days, aint it? :)
    Thank you Govind, for that discerning comment-verse again!


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