Thursday, 1 December 2011


In splintered glass
Its shards - sharp, silently
Holding the shrieks
Deeply felt, unexpressed...

When mirrored hearts
Unable to take the
Screaming pitch of 
Untold grief
Simply shattered.

Broken pieces of emotion
Jagged ends of pain
Liquid molten ooze
To soothe the 
Calamitous infinite moment
That endless eternal moment
I never thought
I'd recover from.

The splintered glass
And shards
Mirrored again-
Multiple hues
Myriad dreams

From whole to parts
Complete in each
Broken incompleteness.

All is not lost.
Each minute dream
Grows rich again.

Each reflected colour
Promises life again-
Each sliver, on it's own
Finds itself again...

Life, it still has

2 August, 2011
(Written while supervising the senior children writing their poetry, on the theme, "Life, it still has meaning". :D)


  1. Life, as is, has yet something to offer. Always.


  2. What is the meaning of life?
    though unbounded love is rife
    focus is always on the strife
    over flowers the choice is knife.
    When really will we understand life?

    "when mirrored hearts unable to take the screaming pitch of untold grief simply shattered......"
    Simply superb.

  3. Amazing as always, Usha Ma'm.

    Life is a kaleidoscope of a 1000 shattered pieces that arrange and rearrange themselves in many different designs. You might now like all the designs , but keep turning the instrument in the hope of seeing something better.. :)

  4. Govind, thank you. Blessed :)

    Sunitha, your poem was simply another level, and so moving! Thank you for your warm words


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