Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Happy Day Haiku :) (For the Sailor Who Took Home a Poem :) )

True blue to your club
Truer yet, to your glowing bride!
Happy Day, her Cap'n!!!

Happy Birthday, Arjun S. Kumar! May the sweet joy of this day permeate the rest of the year! God Bless!

23 December, 2011
For 28 December, 2011

(Title tagline, credit to Sachin Stalin who titled the album of Arjun's and Sashu's wedding pictures, thus :) )


  1. Belated Birthday Wishes to Arjun.

    Wishing all of you a very healthy, happy and prosperous New Year 2012.

  2. Lovely haiku. Belated birthday wishes to Sashu's Cap'n :)

  3. Belated Birthday wishes to 'the sailor who took home a poem'. Whoever thought of he tagline should be rewarded. :)

  4. Sorry for the late replies :)

    Rakesh, thank you! Wishes to you too!

    Shail, :) Sash has been here, and will convey it to her Cap'n! Thanks!

    Govind, a friend on FB (and Orkut, where we sort of got introduced) Sachin Stalin is the man to be rewarded :)This is the title of the album in which he shared a few pictures of Sash and Arjun's wedding :) He writes awesome poetry too! Thank you for the wishes!

    Sash... :) :) Hugs to you too!


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