Saturday, 4 October 2008


Wild laughter and
Melancholy sighs
Soft words and
Blank stares
Niggling doubts and
Hearty reassurance

Love, revisited.
Life, undone.

28 September 2008


  1. de closin lines say so much...sigh! cant have enuff f such writes, i feel!

  2. Ironical lines but then the writing style was not ironical of ur usual on...

    Short but Sweeeeettttt!!!!!

  3. Sash... great to have you in here and almost immediately:) Thanks :)

    Rajesh: Ah! Thanks for the grace in the note:) Just a ramble..:)

  4. Great work! It just speaks for itself. Two contrasting thoughts put together makes such a wonderful combination, a heady concoction.

    Tara :)

  5. Tara, that was delightful for me to read too, your discerning perspective:) Thank you!

  6. Thank you so much for such a sweet comment! What I felt when I read it is unputdownable (Aah..I so love that word now :) in words. Thank you so much!

    Take Care and keep writing more such lovely pieces. Eagerly waiting...

    Tara :)

  7. Hi Usha,

    Guess what, all (the little) of it went above my head. I guess my IQ levels have dropped after being in Dubyaland for 9 months now. :-(

    Pen a few lines for fools like me too, who understands only four or five line rhymes :-)


  8. Salil. Lol. Still you stayed on and left that note:) Thanks:) And I guess the write too is a Conundrum, of sorts, to me too... :) Just a silly ramble, that kinda is pretending to be profound, :)

    Yeah sure, the next mushy gooey one comes along, I'll alert you:) Maybe you want to try the write called "The Right Age", on the Evergreens list:) Now that is really musing of a foolish one.. :)
    Thanks again!

  9. short, simple, thought provoking!

  10. Praveen, thank you:) I rather enjoyed reading about the heat transfer lesson on one of your blogs.. the SCTEngg coll.. :) Entertaining:)

  11. hehhe..thts not written by me..its by a junior guy in my college..quite funny:D

    my personal blog is

  12. I love this...the contrast of it all, and the closing lines are the tops...thank you for such a lovely read...

  13. Praveen, wl sure drop by there, too... :) Thank you for letting me know:)

    Vrinda, thank you; it's a delight to hear from you too!

  14. Good one ! short and sweet and puzzling and that's the theme here I guess.

  15. Trinath, right you are about the puzzling part...:) Thanks for the read the very "you" note:)

  16. short...but bang on...never before hav i seen two words in each line convey so much...too good

  17. Sandeep, you're doing the rounds as I see!! Honoured all the more! Thanks for all those wonderful words of appreciation too!

    Not a poet at all... as my profile says, just a rambler.. who goes on, lol!

    And do tell me, which of the many blogs I saw on ur profile is yours:)

  18. u deserve them....and yaa..out of the many u saw there...yeM Bee yAe is my blog...MBA in mallu style..he he..hard core mallu u see..cudnt help it while naming my blog contains short stories(fiction) and humourous snippets from the life of a MBA graduate

  19. Sandeep, lol.. i figured that out :) Clever innovation; and if another mallu cannot recognize it, she's not worth being called one, lol.
    Thanks a bunch for being here today!


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