Friday, 17 October 2008

Bull in a China Shop

My precious shop
Ye Olde Antique
Priceless, fragile, exquisite-
I thought.

Till you barged in..

And swept away the
Distant past I guarded

The blue Ming vases
Treasured keepers of pain.

The perfect figurines
Masks preserved for ages.
In smithereens.

Crystal, glinting
A thousand reflections of
No more.

Astounded. Shorne
Of my prized treasure
I wonder -

Was that a deadweight
Suddenly lifted away?


No more do I
Have to tiptoe inside.

No more do I
Have to caution another
Who approaches.

No more.

With the freedom
Comes the
Insanity of letting go.

I shall have to keep you.
To remain insane.

18 April, 07


This one is a re-post of an old one :) Till the muse decides to visit, I thought I'd push this one up... :) Thank you for the patience in reading this one again.. :)


  1. The title deserves a big round of applause, first, and then the colours, the descriptions, and the metaphors.

    Lovely, Lovely :)

  2. @ Muse.. I did not realize that the Muse would literally visit.. :D! And I am glad you did, Rini :) Feels like a blessing too! Thanks for the good words!

  3. I understood the poem perfectly till halfway..then I lost way..
    please enlighten me:(

  4. A vase- Bull- and Broken!

    You mantle them piece by piece recollecting each journey with each jumbled piece. It comes back to perfect shape!

    But then, But then Is the crack not visible? The cut not peering out? Even mended, the cut marks shall always cut you through!

  5. Praveen :) Ah! Don't worry about it, though! The write itself is rather insane, much like the writer:) Have messaged you, only so that it doesn't become the only perspective on this one:)

    See? That is how much more insane I can be.. lol! Thanks for telling me too:)

    Prabhu Dutta Das, now that is neat word play, and yet another tale to add to the one already told! Indeed the cut marks would remain, should it be put together...:) What if the Vase was simply done away with.. and no more pain to collect in them..? Just a thought!
    Thanks so much, for the discernment once again!

  6. That was just a thought! When past is flowered in a VASE it is occupying to wonder whether they(memories) were totally meant to be stashed in hidden recess or the side glint of dark past deductible!

  7. Prabhu Dutta... :) I somehow knew you'd come back to this: don't ask me how, just knew:) Am not entirely sure of your perspective... but I do like that usage....."the past is flowered.." and its portent as to whether they bloom in dark recesses.. in a past deductible..

    Hmm... I really hadn't thought of it that way...:)Thanks for dropping by again!

  8. I so admire your play of words and usage of metaphors! I wish I too am blessed with such magic fingers! Beautiful words, yet again :) Can't quite express what I feel for this beautiful piece...:)

  9. Clairvoyant?

    Guess you saw this coming too? Blame all of this to my uselessness(More of it on my recently updated post)!

    The past you talked off- Is it dark or is it full of sunshine? I guess mixture of both?

    P.S. Continuing on comment per comment se would make this chat room! And I don't want to disconnected/kicked from your blog server!

  10. Haha
    This reminds me so much of the Chaos theory. James Gleick (I think...)
    Excellent book, I read it when I could barely understand it, and I liked it then.
    Back to the poem; the reason this reminded me of that book is in the number of negations you've used in the verse. I very much enjoy negations and forgive me if I sound obsessive, but elucidating a concept by negating it appeals to me; as does this poem.

    Nicely written, you made me remember a long forgotten idea :D

  11. Tara, thank you for all those kind words. I'd say for sure that you are blessed with the magic you speak of... with the gift of such easy articulation, as is seen in your work! Thanks so much, again!

  12. @Prabhu Dutta Das... Lol!! I wonder too... :) As for the past... it would be a mixture of both I'd say, perhaps in this case more of darkness that one revels in than in the brightness one should :) And you're always welcome to drop by here, anytime, for any number of times as well.. :) :)!!! Thank you!

    Aareet, this had to be one where you would connect! As I reposted it, I did think of what angle you'd bring in, had you the occasion to read it. Gratified! And woah!! The Chaos Theory... no less..!! If the Butterfly could cause such a furore, as in the theory, I wonder at the Bull... lol!!

    Of course you'd have another idea from this one. That was the idea too!! Waiting to read that one!! And thanks for the way you looked at this one too!!

  13. Simply loved the way you have written this. My first time here.

  14. Shail, thank you for dropping by:) and the kind words here!
    Shail's Nest is a wonderful space! A joy to have found it. So thanks and thanks again!!

  15. Hey!
    You gulped a whole bottle of metaphors?

    As Praveen said, me too lost in the second half.

    Ithiri buddhi venam ithokke manasillakaaan, thus proven.


  16. Nikhil... :) Lol!

    It really isnt hard.. I guess I can give you a gist of what i told Praveen.
    I quote, from the message to him, :)
    "I guess one perspective is that when "you" barged into the "I"'s life, the past was pushed, and removed.. a past that sometimes we love to mope about, and treasure for all the pain it has [ masochistic, I know.. but then there it is..]

    With that removal, comes the "insanity" so to speak, of just being free.. :) And in order to stay free... well..."you" cannot be abandoned!

    Just a story of love, finally...!!! How the Barger comes to the Rescue of the woman, and resolves her pain for her..:) "

    And as I told him, I guess it does require a bit of insanity to deliver it thisaway.. lolzz..:D

    Thanks for dropping by. The Kissa was outta this world for sure!!!!!!!!

  17. Hey!
    Ini Enikk Onnum venda innu!
    Onnu vedi vachu kollumo!
    Njan mandan ennu swantham vilichappol, athu sthithikarichu :D
    Should not have explained the lines this much lady!

    Thanks. 11 class in Biology class test il thotte pinne, itrayum maaanahaani aduthengum undayittilla.

    PS:Thanks for the comment on kissa :)

  18. Nikhil... Ooops!

    Had to have that put in here.. :) Teacher aayedinthe kuzhappam aanu tto! Vistharichu kollana joli alle :D

    But well, take that as a part of the learning curve... given by an over zealous teacher, lolzz :D

  19. The blue ming vases
    treasured keepers of pain.

    wonderful lines!! got me back to the old times!! de title had surprised me de first tym, n it still does!! so unlike you, i feel..hehehe!!

    loved this then, love this now!! :) maybe even more!!

  20. Thanks Sash.. :) I guess the title is a bit weird.. :) but then I'm no better, as you know, lol! Thanks for dropping by , all over again, at this write!


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