Sunday, 12 October 2008


Who needs words
To speak?
Our eyes did, in
Multiple zillions of them!
Who needs words
When fingers entwined
Pass messages, sing songs
Bewitch, enchant and enrapture!
Who needs utterance
If any,
When hearts meet
Merge, melt into
The only soul they
Can be!

Who said that you
Need words to be

29 September, 2008


  1. Who needs words
    When the post itself is so beautiful...

    First time here...luvd it...blogrolled...hail mallustan for givin such talented people to blogdom...cheers!

  2. Sandeep! Hail! From Mallustan itself:) Honoured to have you here too! Thanks for the good words :)

  3. What an irony!
    You have nullified the title and its meaning.


  4. hmmm..real time replies haan...he he..cheers...u happened to read priyanka's story on my blog...a good friend of mine..she has been posting her first story on my a proud host to her "rainy day"...u will catch my posts below them....not tht mush mush.....he he

  5. Who needs words when feelings are expressed in unspoken ones. Who needs words when a gesture can say a thousand things. Who needs words when a touch is all that is needed. Our eyes, heart and soul speak a lot more than our mouths.

    Who needs words to post a comment when the poem, so beautiful touches your heart :)

    Tara :)

  6. those silent expressions speak more than a 1000 words:)

  7. Sandeep, I thought as much:) But by then I had posted the comment! My pc is issuing dire warnings on virus infections... so am out of here. Wl catch up with your writes in a couple of days! Thanks for the continued visits!

    Nikhil, thank you! I rather like the view from there... though I had not thought of it thataway, :)

    Tara... indeed! Who needs words, but then we just go on and use them anyways, don't we:)

    Praveen, they do, they certainly do:) Thanks for dropping in :)

  8. Shalu... :) thank you for the gracious way you put that :)

  9. no one need words to speak if there are talking eyes.

    i am first time here. i shall read the rest later.

    best wishes

  10. Basheer, You're definitely right. Thank you for the visit, and the kind words!

  11. There is an optimism of living the moment in your writes. I search for that but fail in my writes. I have to still work on it . Nice one.

  12. Trinath, but your poetry does... :) I do very very much admire the way the words play in your work:) Thanks for the good words for this one too!

  13. Wow! This is lovely.. :) I am absolutely short of words now.. :D

  14. @.. me : That you are is enough:) The write is worthwhile then.. :D
    Thank you!!!

  15. Sash.. :) I know :) It's the stuff we're made of.. lol! Thanks for reading it all over again.. :)

  16. oh i so love really love it..and i can so relate to it...all those little times we spend together, not saying a word, but still saying so much...

    thank u for such a nice post....again!

  17. Vrinda, thank you too, for such a sweet note:) I can understand how much you do connect.. :) thank you for that too!

  18. The words who needs them- of the music is in the airs,silence is a vociferous appeal?

    At least your write enables me to claim myself to be loquacious... Thanks for one more adjective!

  19. @Prabhu Dutta Das, indeed, silence can sometimes be a "vociferous appeal" as you say! Glad that this write gives you further adjectives for self expression too:) Thank you for a warm comment too!

  20. But I do need words to leave a comment here saying 'good one, keep them coming'.

  21. Salil... Touché!!! Thanks for leaving those words here :) I do need to hear them too :)

  22. lovely...who needs words..right!!
    i agree eyes speak more than words...especially in love!
    beautiful post!!

  23. Hmmm Priyanka.. you get the general drift, :) Thanks again! It's been a treat reading your remarks!


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