Friday, 31 October 2008

The Last Word ...

To step out of the cloak of disguise,
Of being someone I am not;
Is perhaps the hardest step to take.

To stand afar, a heart full of love,
Yet unable to shout it from the rooftops;
Is perhaps the hardest feeling to reconcile within.

When the world rises up
To question,
To pigeonhole,
To discipline;

It is you, as me, the other way too
That is, at once,
My strongest armour
And my softest heel!

Love hurts, love heals,
Love reaffirms faith;

But the point is-
(One that I'm blessed with)
Love Is.


8 to 11 January, '08


Yet another old one, being given new lease of life :) The muse is still wary, and I'm trying all I can to appease it, lol! So while she plays hide and seek with me, I thought I'd share some more of her, through these re-posts:) Thanks, as always, for your patience!


  1. back to normal peotry from the world of haiku and tanka

    loved this...simple and sweet

  2. I am slipping into oblivion, to the wanderings on and awn and awn! I checked it, for I had expected a foothold here and I clutch onto it the guffs are no longer alien and revolting!

    This gives me hope, to come back to reaffirm my things, to embrace back all I could have :). Just in case, Just in case!

  3. Hi Usha

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog. Would love to read a poem/post on your grandmom - who sounds like a lovely woman too.

    I've added your list to my post with a link to your blog! Seems like we have a very similar outlook to life :)

    Loved The Last Word - keep them coming!


  4. i remember this too :)
    u knw wat usha , all ur repost are surprising me ,i always thought i had a bad memory :P, but not bad i remember ur poems i read long back just once.
    May be its the magic of the poems that does the trick;)

    Coming to this poem, the last linke blew me off just the way it did when i had read it the first time :)

    indeed its a blessing that Love Is :)

  5. By Elton John, for the verse :-)

    There's a calm surrender to the rush of day
    When the heat of the rolling world can be turned away
    An enchanted moment, and it sees me through
    It's enough for this restless warrior just to be with you

    And can you feel the love tonight
    It is where we are
    It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
    That we got this far
    And can you feel the love tonight
    How it's laid to rest
    It's enough to make kings and vagabonds
    Believe the very best

    There's a time for everyone if they only learn
    That the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn
    There's a rhyme and reason to the wild outdoors
    When the heart of this star-crossed voyager beats in time with yours

    Love is, indeed and Lovewillbe.


  6. Sure, love is! And however cheesy I may sound, it's THE thing that makes the world go round! Rhymes! As beautiful as ever...the beauty of love is reflected in its purest form!! Wonderful! Keep reposting...good for me as I have missed out reading many of your beautiful creations! :)

  7. Praveen, lol, yes indeed, back to the usual. Thank you!

    Prabhu, glad that you can find the reaffirmation... and I do hope it pulls you out from the oblivion, lol, that you find here.. :D!! I wonder if the guffs are those you find here, hehehehe.. :) I wouldn't be surprised since some of them appear so to me as well! Thank you for dropping in with another teaser too!!

    Corrine, firstly thank you for adding that list. Yes, I did go back there, and found it. Felt immensely gratified and proud to be part of that post too! So thanks and thanks again!! Indeed there seems to be a similarity of outlook too! Thank you for stopping by here, to tell me about it, and for the good words for this write!

    Shal... I must say thank you for your patience, your memory and for the way you again humble me with your notes.. :) Thank you!!!

    Rini, that song from The Lion King is an absolute favourite and to have you share those lyrics with the post is just so wonderful! Thanks a ton!!!

    Tara, right you are, and there is more... Love does not make the world go round, Love is what makes the ride worthwhile, wrote someone called FPJ... that has been a favourite quote of mine. Thank you for a delightful note too! Hope your tests/assignments are going on well!! All the best!

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  9. love is!

    There is nothing more to say!

  10. Winnie, Meena :) Thanks so much! Indeed that is all there is!!

  11. "Love Is." What wise words.. so apt and untold, untouched until now.

  12. Love is and love will be, period. Nothing else is required to speak of it, I dare say.
    “My strongest armour
    And my softest heel!”


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