Sunday, 2 November 2008

In Search Again...

Your silence suddenly
Has muted-
Or is it that I'm
On a different wavelength?

Has the light in your
Eyes really dimmed?
Or am I, perhaps
Looking too hard?

All of a sudden
Interference jams the
Vibes, and all of a sudden
I am lost in the pandemonium
Of frequencies, that
Don't find resonance!

And yet, we talk-
Of this and that...
But never what
We always used to...

Are the pieces of the
Perfect Puzzle, made by each other
Falling out, all over again?

Is it just a momentary lapse?

I hope!
I know?

I know.
We will
Piece together again...

And then, finally,

Just Be!

22 October, 2008

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Forced the muse again, and so comes this rather unfinished and rambling post..:) Do bear with the eccentricity of the author, Lol! And thanks in advance, for being here!


  1. wow!!! wht expression :) simply out of d world :)

  2. Renee, thank you very much for those sweet words!!

  3. once more! U rock..
    a thing I find in your poems are that your latest work always better the previous one..:D

    the pics of the jigsaw in a zig zag manner towards the middle..and the one which is almost fit perfectly towards the end are just apt..

  4. What an epression..
    want to read it again and again...

  5. it is beautiful!

    The way you have used resonance and frequencies.. umm certainly makes science more fun :D :D

  6. Praveen, finally getting the hang of picking and placing pics too.. :) Thanks to Soumya, really! I rather did think that this seemed forced, but am glad you find it better.. :) Thanks!

    MIP.. that is very much a relief: to know that it makes sense and that you like it, rather:) Thank you!

    Meena, as I had said on the post at AP, physics was never my strong point, but I seem to have done something right with the science in this it would seem, with all you techies giving it the thumbs up.. hehehe.. :D!! Thanks!!

  7. Hello Usha, this is my first time here. I liked the 10 things that u r sure about on Corinne's blog. I think your point number 6.. relates to destiny. And I agree on that completely. That we are predestined to meet the ppl we do, to face the events that come up in our lives & all..

    This particular poem is really something that is identifiable by a lot of people. Sometimes, we r talking a lot, but we r not communicating.. sometimes silence speaks more than words do. Loved your style, the pics are perfect and really well-written verse.

  8. Hi Usha,
    The muted silence, the interference, losing in the pandemonium of frequencies... I too experienced the same for some time. Then I took a NEW mobile connection. Everything was fine after that :-)

  9. as ever ur poems bring out those subtle essences of any relationship

  10. Beautiful as ever! Your poems bring out those little nuances of every expression, of every bond. Every word is meant to be where it is, and nowhere else. Almost as if, there's some heavenly intervention every time you pick up the pen! :)

  11. Punam, thank you so much for visiting and telling me about the response at Corrine's post too! I loved that post too! And am grateful for the time you spent, sharing your views on those writes of mine, especially the older ones! Thanks a ton! You've really connected to this one, which is about what you speak too, among other things! Thanks and thanks again!

    Salil, lol!!! I can well imagine how it must have been; poor you:) You did mention something very similar earlier, on warming yourself at the hearth, too, and moving on.. :D !! Thanks for bringing that lighthearted banter! I deserved it.. hehehe!

    Shalu, it's so gracious of you to say that .. thanks so much!

    Tara, Ah! I wish there was that heavenly intervention! This time I literally dragged the Muse in, believe me.. :) Thanks for that delight of a comment!!

  12. Unfinished and rambling?? Oh no no no!! I just loved it.
    Something with which you can identify yourself and expressed so well.
    "I am lost in the pandemonium
    Of frequencies, that
    Don't find resonance!"

  13. Shail, thanks so much for the good words and for the reassurance ... :) It makes my day to know that it has found connections with so many of you. Thanks a zillion!

  14. Anybody might have touched your heart, made your day with a wonderful comment when you were down in dumps , anybody who makes your dil go dhak dhak or take lot of sighs in unparalleled yearning to go intervine in him / her, have a post / comment dedicated to the blogger / person out @

  15. @Buzzz :) Yhanks for the visit and the invite ...:)

  16. Yet again! Yet again!

    Just wondered whether you let the pen do the talking or talking is the whetstone for the pen?

    May your words resonate with the wilderness of thoughts! May their frequency remain matched forever! Amen!

  17. "This time I literally dragged the Muse in, believe me..."

    He he ;) Oh C'mon, now don't be so modest! :)

  18. Prabhu :) Thanks! For all those wishes and blessings.. the whetstone is the rather tenacious thought I guess I gnaw at to bring the Muse in.. hehehe.. :)

    Tara, lol! I am being honest, though humility and modesty I've been told are my surnames... ;) ;) ;) Of course, I don't believe them that say that.. ! :D :D :D!!!!

  19. That was darn nice! very simple, yet very deep in the meaning :).

  20. Mahita, thank you for the visit, and for the good words for the write!


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