Sunday, 23 November 2008

A Butterfly Visits!!!

A butterfly's wings
Hold more magic
Than the rainbow
Or the varied hues
That Nature can ever give...:)

For they catch the light
Trap, and reflect;
And make a merry dance
Whirls, and whorls of magic!!!

And so such magic comes here
Gifted by a crusader,
An honest soul,
A discerning thinker,
A young man who makes
A difference!!

He wonders, why
I say "Thank you" ...
Why, I use it so... :)
My answer?

For these
Random Acts of Kindness:)
For being his natural self...!
For speaking up,
For speaking for,
For sharing... :)

23 November, 2008

Thanks Praveen :)
Now you can ignore this silly on-the-spot verse :) :)
Except for the thanks, of course:)

P.S. More on the award and those I would like to have it shared with on my other space, Overdrive, HERE! Thanks again, Praveen!!!


  1. You have a way with saying thanks too :) Even on the run poems leave a mark! Leaving a fur here, leaving a colour there! So vivid and full of expressions!

  2. wooww...I dint expect such a sweet thank you..a poem..honoured!!!

  3. Prabhu, I hope you visited the link to the other space too :) I have something for u there :) And thanks for those lovely words!!!

    Praveen.. and the pleasure of writing that for you, is all mine :)

  4. Thanks a zillion. shall covet this. Rest on blog!

  5. Hi Usha!

    This was a nice one..
    Reminded me of Kai..a poetess from the US - she is there at my blog...

    Lovely one Usha :)


  6. Congratulations Ushaji! A beautiful way of saying thanks too! :)

  7. Gratitude is what makes life worthwhile, and there's no better way to say it than acknowledging it on a public forum.

    Congrats :)

  8. Tara, :) thank you, and congrats to you too!

    Shalu, :) thanks :) and congrats!

    Rini, Congrats in order there too!! And thank you!!!

  9. The award right back to you for this blog :)


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