Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A Dangerous Optimism

My queer notion
Defies the crucible
Of its inception.
So you tell me.

But no, I shall
Not let it be-
I shall not surrender
That intangible wealth
For, it is all I have
This day.

When you, and the
World, shun the prospect,
Lacing homilies and
Anecdotes to underscore
The real and reel,
I know I shall not
Let go.

Not of the belief-
That Knowledge alone
Is power.
That knowing therefore,
Separates, then fuses
As with chaff and grain,
And growth from grain!

Not to you, or your
Foreboding can I
Ever abandon the
Unquenching thirst,
Of the limitless, seamless
Knowing, which shall,
Someday lead me

To that place
Here on Earth, in Life
(Not any astral plane, for sure!)
Where I am finally
Truly, Contentedly
Me, living with that Knowledge!

A dangerous optimism
A mrigatrishna you say!
But, you know, don't you?

I like to walk the
Razor's Edge!

I wonder,
Would you, then, like
To join me?

12 November, 2008


  1. Where?
    On the razor's edge?
    Or on the UN-astral plane?
    Well, I'm up for both!

    -nice one-

  2. Sanket :) Thank you! Wherever, glad you can join that journey.. :)

  3. Ha! the forbidden fruit! I am up for it too :)

    there is one line that defies me - the "growth and grain" part. what does that mean? i am dumb, am i not!

  4. Roopa, oh no! You certainly aren't dumb; more like I am, to have notions as queer and words to match :D!!

    Grain, well, after one separates chaff and grain, the grain is further explored to grow out of itself...... as a metaphor of sorts, that, I now perceive has not worked very well.. :)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Read on the comm first.. and here again! loved it ever so more!!

  6. :), Fabulous.
    Knowledge alone is power and knowing that is also power :D...
    And yes, I am ready for the journey..

  7. Yes ma'am lets fly! Am more than willing to join you! Beautiful, yet again!

    "I shall not surrender
    That intangible wealth
    For, it is all I have
    This day."

    Well put! Can completely relate to this! :)

  8. am ready to join u as long as u promise to write more such poems there:D


  9. No, the reader has to rise up to the writer and not the other way round. I understand the phrase now :D, thank you for clearing it. Perhaps poetry should be understood as a whole and we should not split hairs. But that never works for me. I have to understand anything I read word for word :D

  10. Meena, hmm.. i do remember that :) Thanks for reading and leaving this note again :)

    Prabhu, lol! But of course!! No Conditions!!!

    Mahita, good! Lets begin that self discovery journey then.. :D! Thanks for the note :)

    Tara, :).. thank you too! Ah! the magic of such a flight!!

    Praveen, :D! "mrigatrishna", to be absolutely frank, came out of the blue.. and then yes, even I thought it was rather cool to use, lol! thanks!

    Mehreen, thank you :)

    Roopa, well, we have our own little ways of getting into writes, dont we? I am a lot like that, though I go more by the emotion a write involves, and then delve into it :) So it is ok; please do not feel that you take anything away from a write when you ask.. :) Thanks so much!!

    Sagari, thank you! And your blog is a really yummy place too!!!

  11. Usha,
    As profound as ever.
    But sorry to disappoint you, I don't think I will be willing to join you to walk the Razor's edge. Very dangerous, you know :-)
    Guess what, I call myself 'realist', the one who does not call the glass half-empty or half-full, but the one who realises that the glass is twice the size it needs to be and gets a smaller glass!

  12. I was with you for the five minutes I read this one..

    now got to go...but will join again for the next one :-)

    Good one Usha..

    Agreed, Optimism is as dangerous as Pessimism when it gets extreme :)


  13. Wow. This was intense, powerful swooping verse. But whatsa mrightatrishna?

  14. Salil, hahaha! Sure thing, and don't worry about the disappointment, I can handle it, ;)!!! As always, thanks for the "hatke" views you always bring :)

    Devika :), thank you for dropping in a note as well!

    aareet :) thank you! Well a "mrigatrishna" is supposed to mean a mirage of sorts :) Just playing around with fancy sounding words, that is all :)


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