Sunday, 9 November 2008

Getting Here

It's been a long way...
And it's been a long time...
getting here.

Dark, desperate
torturous paths,

Stormy troubled times..
Lashed by bitter

Briefly relieved
by caring helping

It's been a lonely fight...
getting here
But if life
had been
Would I have ever

my strength,
my faith?

Would I have
ever searched..
sought and
my own echoing
in you?

It's been worth it
getting here.

6 June, 2002


Perhaps you have the time for this too?


Thank you :)


  1. ah! Sans the last stanza.. u r saying what i feel :)

    i am still searching for that You

  2. the trial by fire brings out the best in you!

  3. Shalu, :) thank you!

    Meena, and may you find that you ... and soon too :) God Bless!

    Praveen, you read well :) Indeed the trial by fire always does that, if you can survive it! Thanks :)

  4. how true!! really nice usha! :)

  5. Nice one Usha!

    its true too...
    but why do lessons repeat?

    I hope you read my "Richly Blessed" at Essential Me...
    that was me at the start of blogging after enough lessons and experience -- if not my own, 'seeing' others as i watch this world...

    yet if life teaches you so badly, you gain all the power to be yourself... yet that's not life is all about, no??

    Nice post, will keep visiting :-)
    and i leave a comment if i read a post..its in commenting that i find the joy of blogging :-)


  6. Timeless classics, should I say! Another jewel here! The journey is worth it, if we have been able to discover that.

    "my own echoing
    in you?"

    Lovely! :) Looking forward to more of such beautiful creations!

  7. Priyanka, nice to see your note here too! Thanks!

    Devika! How very very nice to see your comment here! Have read enough of your comments, to know your enjoyment of writing them too! Indeed from your replies on your blog and notes left elsewhere, that comes through, how very much you enjoy leaving those views there :)

    As to the post you mention, no I have not been able to read it; shall definitely do so, hopefully soon :)

    And no, life is not about the lessons you learn, though they help to find that inner self, and push yourself to your limits, discover perhaps, that oasis of existence, that seemed a mirage all that while. :) I ramble.. :)

    Thank you so very much for your time, and the words! Blogrolling you too!

    Tara, I love the delight you keep bringing in with the words you share and your views on the writes! This one too, is heartwarming! Thank you!!!

    IHM, thank you for coming in here, and sharing that.. :) Glad :)

  8. Nothing was a mirage to me, any time...i have been living with my inner self for about twenty years now...

    do you really think words just flow like that..?? :-)

    anyway, worthy every experience is; even a revision :-)

    btw, blogroll -- except the Bloghounds membership -- i don't blogroll anyone..but will be visiting friends who visit me and leave their mark :-)


  9. Devika, :) A worthy existence then, life is :) Life itself, indeed to have been able to do that, however long or short the period it is!
    Shall be back certainly :)Much still remains to be read and savoured :)
    Thank you!

  10. i'll be "geting here" as well, 'as long as...!?' ;-)

    they say i'm a mystery..ahahaa


  11. Devika, "they" say right, lol!! And "as long as..." do please :) would be an honour :)

    God Bless!

  12. i don't mind the "they" much more than what they are...

    and "they" seem equally mysterious to me!!

    now, no hounouring between friends..if that be...let it be, alle

    because i too like to honour my friends there -- though i may go into much more as I deal with them ;-)

    wishes, Usha

    thank you for the comment at Essential Me...i am not replying to others now... so i thank you here :-)

  13. Lol, Devika, let it be so :) Glad!

    And it was a pleasure leaving that note...:) Thank you:)

  14. My pleasure Usha, always!
    (i mean my comments and notes --- haha)

    jokes aside, thank you Usha so much for reaching out...:-)


  15. Devika, :).. that says it all, for now :) :) :)


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