Monday, 6 October 2008

The Hearth of the Matter

For aeons, it seems, have I slept,
Till you happ'd upon my obscure self;

Peering in, you found that solitude

You always yearned for; a quietude.

Lit the hearth and warmed yourself;

Glad was I, kindling had I set in store;

Gladder still, you stayed, and
Warmed yourself, and never, ever left!

21 July, 2007


  1. To me it was the story of love itself.
    It comes once and dances forever :)

  2. Thank you Shalini, for looking at exactly that way:) And its such a beautiful way you put it across too...:) Just the way it is..:)

  3. I look at it as spirituality, the love for the almighty. The presence of that shield, that protective cover, is so reassuring. I am not sure if I interpreted it in the way it was supposed to be, but this is what I feel. :)

  4. Tara, you know that is an interesting query too, you pose in unspoken words:) As to the interpretation of poetry, per se. It's the reader's intent that is as important as the writer's intent, as I see it. So, from your view on the bridge, it's absolutely another very real angle as well.

    As Shalu has put it "the story of love", it is just that exactly you see, at a more universal and at the same time a deeply personal perspective too. Just so, Tara, just so.
    Thank for that wonder of a view too. Honoured!

  5. Usha,
    I was a bit different.
    I stayed till the end and then left (wondering what it was all about!) :-)

  6. Salil, Lol! Am sure that while you stayed the hearth was warm:) Perhaps with a little more kindling it may have lasted longer:) Thanks for that engaging note:)

    Winnie, thank you!

  7. u seem to be the queen of short poems

    and good to see the happy devious mind was imagining evil things

  8. Praveen, that was delight to read:)

    Thank you!!

  9. I had a feeling the verses would have a sad ending.. I felt absolutely delighted when I came to know otherwise.. :) Your lines made my day.. :)

  10. @impulsively me.. (wish I had a name to go on , though:)!!)

    Glad you found a thread of delight in the close of the write! gladder still, that it made your day! Honoured!!!

    Thanks so much!

  11. And it ended there?
    Whatay way to end! Stretch the occurrence to eternity and dang! Its over.

    Will be back.


  12. Nikhil...Thanks!!!

    It's a treat to see it the way you do too! And dang!! I am given a wonder of a view with that angle.

    Thanks so much! Glad you'd like to be back too:) Anytime!

  13. lit the hearth n warmed can never write poems...tht simply isnt my strength...maybe thts why i am left amazed when i see such good poems being penned...good work gal

  14. Sandeep, wow! Thank you:) It's probably the first time I've caught a comment so soon:)

    Thanks again!


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