Friday, 14 March 2008

Damocles' Sword

Am I that sword
that hangs over you?

Aghast, you wonder that
I dare to ask!

Ah, but I wonder too-
Did you ever know I think?

And think, so deep and long,
Ponder, vitiate, then surrender.

Sometimes to you.
Sometimes to my thoughts.

Which brings me to
the moot point -

I am that sword, aren't I?
That destroys your peace of mind?

Because neither of us
Can ever move out -

Of each other.

Usha, 7 August, '07


  1. This is stupendous..The sword really hangs above ..the sword of awe for me..and the sword of our own indispensability that proves to be burdensome for our conscience and happy-livings at a certain point of time...

    Kudos! it hides more than what it shows mam...that is why it doesn't cut but keeps us guessing the point when it would really spill the blood


  2. This should be one of my favorite writes from you.Ah! Lovely!
    Anything more i say wil be an understatement:)


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