Saturday, 15 March 2008

For making me whole again...

Laughter in times
of sorrow.

Trust in times
of deceit.

A broad shoulder
to rest my head
when grief overwhelmed me.

A strong hand, in mine
when I stood, shattered!

Picking up the pieces,
putting me together again-

Gifting yourself to me
so that I stand whole..

A nameless bond-
A wordless promise-

And a lifeless me...
Reborn..I am!

When you completed
the jigsaw puzzle,
that was me...
with that last piece-


Usha, 18 May, '07


  1. Oh God! This is a beauty! I couldnt pick ,rather wont pick any lines-the poem in its entirity is a Master-'Piece' :)

  2. Gifting yourself to me
    so that I stand whole..

    beautiful! n de jig saw puzzle seems to be so lovely now!!!!


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