Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Haiku Drops!!


autumn leaves falling:
buried seeds look up hoarding
hope to grow anew.

Usha, 6 April, 07


Story of Life

Dew drops winking just
momentarily, to fade:
Story of life, lived.

Usha, 12 April, 07



in crystal water -

under the blue sky: a lush

green - paradise mine.

Usha, 20 April, '07



cosmic energy:

pent up fury, just unleashed –

a bolt from the blue!

Usha, 15 May, 2007



Softly falling drops-

touches my soul - harmony!

in a shower to cleanse!

Usha, 10 May, '07


Onam – Haiku in Tandem

A celebration

Flowers, hues, spirit of nature

Festival Divine!!!

Richness of colour

Promise of Prosperity

Onam: life relished!!

Usha, 30 August, ‘07


Haiku is Japanese lyric poetry, composed, usually in 3 lines of 5-7-5 syllables each, on some aspect of nature and the seasons. A very amateur attempt here:)

The picture for the Haiku "Rain" is a gift from a dear poet, Shalini Devraj. The others are pictures taken by my brother and son, on which I've attempted the writing with the help of Photoshop:)


  1. a feast for de eyes n de senses! lovely!!!!

  2. I would echo sashu..ethereal they are..

    thanks for sharing them mam

  3. Lucid expression of rich philosophy of life....
    Feel privileged to have a tryst with reflected sense and sensibility !

  4. though i hv read them before
    its still so fresh n enticing :)


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