Saturday, 29 March 2008


Though daggers
and stilettoes
be all that you
possess in your
armory of words-

I shall stand
and receive them
with open arms.

There is a
distinct possibility-
One that I'm
banking on-

That one will
strike right there-

At the centre
of my heart!

Usha, 1 July, '07


  1. Willing to die for someone else .... hmmm interesting !!!! But what would that death entail?

  2. @ enigma: Interesting comment too:) I really did not ponder so much on "Death":) Was more or less playing around with a concept, an image, so to speak!
    Still, I like the way this lends itself to interpretation!

  3. wonderful, usha .... the true and absolute feeling of despair at love not being reciprocated!!! wishing one would somehow kill the heart ... and hence the feelings :D .... i choose to interpret the hitting of the bullseye not as death but just the killing of feelings :)!!!

    love reading wot u write!!


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