Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Rain Is Me

The rain is
me, now.

Grey, grey clouds
that hold my heart
and soul, captive;
heavy with leaden

Huge pearly
drops falling;
from my eyes??

My thoughts
my dreams, hopes
aspirations and expectations,
peopled in my mind-

by the pain
that never seems to stop.

That will never let
me be.

The downpour
of agony
sweeps all away.

A sun rises anew,
in the cycle of life again;
flood waters recede-
as they must.

To garner myself
my thoughts and
my precious self...

How tough it is-
to learn to live again.

Usha, 1 July, '07


  1. This is so beautiful ma'am :) could completely identify with this one!

  2. " learn to live again " - Isnt tough if one realizes what left behind was MEANT to be left behind.

  3. @anu: thanks:)

    @enigma: True, very true..but that realization never comes easy, does it? Despite all the introspection and the worldly wisdom one gathers..:) Thank you for the insight!

  4. oh my godddddddddd!!!!!!!!! usha i absolutely and totally and completely love this one as much as i loved utterances and sepia dreams 1&2!!!! the pain is literally pouring out from this one!!! the description is so real!!! the cycle of pain ... how it enters ... and how it recedes ... and how we're left to gather pieces and start life again!!! and yes tough it is, to start life anew!!!

    i'm so sorry .... but i cant pick out favourite lines from this one!!! each and every line is precious!!!

    and somehow i get the feeling that, this one too ... has a special meaning for u!!! and i wish i could say a lot more .... but then like u said sometimes the unspoken speaks for itself!!!

    amazed, once again, at the depth and intensity of all your writes!!!

    god bless you usha ... and may you never have to face any pains!!! let there be showers of blessing -

    Showers of blessing,

    Showers of blessing we need:

    Mercy drops round us are falling,

    But for the showers we plead.

    let Him bless you with his showers of blessings!!


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