Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Virgin Earth

She shimmered
Midnight blue Aqua green,
And glinted silver
off her voluptuous bosom!
He could not but cast
A covetous look;
The sly gleam-

Turning a thick haze of
Poisoned intent.

More intense he grew

As his desire
and raged,
and spewed out-
Racing to intercept,
Devour and Ravish!

But Lo! She lay
her grace
a cocoon
of cotton candy clouds
cloaked completely
His cunning came to naught!

Lustful peek
beauty ravished!

Dark blemishes found
in the beautiful blue,
weary wrinkles
in the whiteness of her skin,
Bald patches
in the verdant green...

Was this
the beauty that charmed him?
Indeed! Where within
lay the rancour,
and ruthless demon,
Who can thus plunder?

Where nothing remains?

Scars of the scourge,

The heartless
pillage of Man;
Not even the fiercest gamma ray

Could come close:

Not one is there,

as this transcient One:

This Pillager

This Pretender

This Poison!

This one is composed along with three other poets, Sashu, Sri [aka P.] and Leenuka. There were four different posts, and this was my contribution..:) The name of the write, I do believe is Sri's...
29 Oct, '07

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