Wednesday, 6 February 2008 more

Conflicts, thoughts, emotions
swirled around in me, in a
forceful frenzy-
paralyzing me for an eternal instant;
hurting me, crushing me...

mocking my reverence for Life.

The storms of these painful feelings
alienated me from everyone-
leaving me lonely, to face the world

All around me eyes gazed
with obvious contempt and blank unreason

for letting my heart get better of my head.

Disillusioned and broken, I drifted away
to seek comfort.
But the strands of friendship I clung to
seemed like illusions

snapping easily..
leaving me in a void.

And then you appeared-
like the first star on my horizon!
With a child-like naivety, I wished on you-
and miraculously, I regained my Faith in Life!

Yes, you drew me to the eye of my hurricane.

Usha, 3 November, '81

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