Wednesday, 20 February 2008


If what I say
Is known to you-
Do I need to say it
At all?

If what I say
Shall hurt you-
Must I say it?
Even if it be truth?

And what I may say;
If it be untruth,
All the more reason
I know-
To Not!

My words can
Scarce say
What my silence will.

This communion
Is what I know
I must employ.

But darn!
Silence in itself
Is far too powerful
For me to handle-

And so, I fall back
On words, once again
Which, in my
foolish arrogance
I believe, I can control.

Not realizing,
How these, like arrows,
Will hit, and never
Never return.

And no amount
Of silence,
Can ever heal;

Usha, 19 February 2008


  1. arrowz hittin!!!! daz exactly wat diz write up z all abt! so brutally frank...hard hitting! n so very true!

    yeah, arrogance f masterin wordz, exertin ctrl..wowie!!!... amazin write!

    lovely as eva!!!!!

  2. one can learn so much abt realationships from ur write
    beautiful :)

  3. its really b'ful or shud i say powerful. this is exactly wat i was missing all these years.. thanks Usha

  4. this is really b'ful or shud i say powerful?? this is exactly wat i was missing all these years.. thanks for sharing :-)

  5. Thanks Suresh, for picking out something that I had quite kept aside for another day :)

    Glad I could come back to it because of your note. For I find I have been remiss in thanking both Sashu and Shalu :) :)

    I find Ihave accidentally published two similar comments of yours. Since I do not like to delete words which grace the writes here, I shall let it be :) Thanks Suresh, Sash and Shalu, once again! :)


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