Saturday, 9 February 2008

Ode II

I don’t know the names of the
flowers that grow unnoticed in the
corner of the graveyard.
But I know them well.

I’ve seen them pushing
forth from the ground
as tender, tiny wisps of green.

I’ve seen them gain
an almost tangible
assurance, confidence…

Their tiny buds shyly
Stay for a day or two and
Quietly, so quietly die.

An everyday story of life.
Like yours.

Just as your spirit
nourished my soul,
perhaps your body now
nourishes those flowers-
for they grow right above
and from you.

10 December, ‘85


  1. ode 1 and ode 2 are beyond any ones comments
    they come from a diff depth :)

  2. As always, utterly descriptive verse - incredible!

  3. Shalu, :), they are close to my heart.. :)

    Aareet, thanks :)


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