Thursday, 4 December 2008


So why does the silk worm spin
Yarns of purity in lustrous strands?
The sole purpose of its existence-
Oozing itself out,
Not for itself, but Never!

Only to serve a higher purpose
At the cost of its own self.

The blade of grass-
That sustains the food chain.

The Ants, zealous, uncomplaining
Disciplined, unquestioning;

Nature and the Lord's many creations,
Except, perhaps, man.

Look around, dear Child:

Do they ask,

Why me?

10 March, 2008


  1. Ask 'why me' and you sit in your cocoon..Ask 'Why not me' and you see the world :)

    Good one, Usha..


  2. very nice thought...

    very different point of view and a point well taken...!

  3. OMG what beautiful words!

    Will never, ever forget them and their sacrifice.

  4. dont you think that if all of natures other creatures had a voice they would definitely retaliate? if they had a human mind they would do the same? is compulsion the same as sacrifice?
    im sorry if ive have misinterpreted this. i have a bad(?) habit of doing that to other ppls words :)

  5. Wonderful! All the other beings understand their purpose, just humans aren't smart enough. We complain. A beautiful thought. :)

    And perhaps, not just the living things too...the one thing I respect a lot, the doormat, and I thank it each time. Coming under our feet, getting rubbed, taking in all that dirt, yet as welcoming the next time around! No complaints. Pure sacrifice. Hats off to you dear Mr.Doormat! :)

  6. Very nice. Simple examples taken from everyday life teach us a lot, don't they?

  7. such a nice message
    thank u :)

  8. i have a slight disagreement with the last few lines...can u generalise humans like that? r n't thr exceptions? or did i read it wrong?

  9. i simply fell in love with the lines, "Look around, dear Child do they ask why me?"...simply beautiful...

    and hey...this was one of the more recent ones...2008 one..yey! you have been taking the readers on a time travel ;-) cheers!

  10. The higher purpose f seems to be forgotten in the rat race of life... a nice pertinent question raised in simple lucid words! nice one mema!!

  11. We humans are the worst creation of god....

    Well written ....

  12. Absolute wow! If only every one of us realized that we are here for a purpose and purported accordingly!

    I'm sure the world would be a much better place, perhaps a perfect world!

    very well written!



  13. Devika, that way a fine perspective too. Thank you :)

    Leo, thanks!!!

    IHM, let us not, ever... ! Thank you for the resonance too.

    Nivedita, if something had to come by compulsion, it would not be sacrifice, as I see it. But then, I suppose, with the so called superiority of our minds, we consider that they are making that sacrifice voluntarily, at least that is the presumption I have made. Your remark makes me rethink that one :) Thank you. Though for now, I find that the most giving and selfless of all, are the denizens of nature, except man, of course. And so, if they had man's voice and intelligence, I guess, it would be a different story. Thank you for giving this a refreshing perspective :)

    Tara, ok, this one is for the doormat too.. :) Thank you!

    Mithe, that is what make me write this too. Thank you for the good words:)

    Shalu, :) thanks!!!

    Praveen, no generalization intended...:)Just a notion explored :)That is why the perhaps is there.. ! Thanks for voicing that doubt :)

    Sandeep, lol, yes a few years nearer this time.. :) And thank you for the warm words!

    Sashutty, thank you :)

    hitchwriter, I do understand, espcically now. Thank you for dropping by.

    Rakesh, if only, if only...! But then again, the self aggrandisement simply does not let us be..! Thanks for the kind words!

  14. Man... Supposedly God's favourite creation. Ah well...

    Loved the way you put across that message. Can't get batter than that...


  15. Ugh! 'better', not 'batter'. I assure u! :)

  16. Usha,
    This is one of the most beautiful thoughts I have come across in a long time.
    “It only stands to reason that where there's sacrifice, there's someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there's service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master. - Ayn Rand”

  17. @ushaji
    very very nice...
    the real essence of life is sacrifice..
    all our lives are due to self sacrifice of two tiny cells..
    it never was remembered as their deaths but our births...

  18. woo hoo!

    Reminds me of a story of a sportsman who got AIDS.. he kinda said the same thing.. when he was asked if he feels why me.. he said.. I never asked "why me" when I won a medal.. so why ask now ?


  19. Karthik . lol!! Don't worry about it; part of my job to overlook it as well :) Nice of you to pick it up, for yourself though :) :) :) !!!

    Salil, as always, your comments are gems, especially in the quotes that you bring in. Perfect, this time round too! Thank you!!!

    MIP, you draw a larger than life picture of the first sacrife, of life itself! Wow! And thank you!!

    Meena, thank you!!! That is an inspiring story too!

  20. Thats the fortune of being a man... U have the power to question... But yes, there is always a choice between 'Why me?' and 'Try me' :)

  21. its truly SURREAL!!!!!!!!!
    Majestic message latent here...


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