Saturday, 6 December 2008

For My Parents :)

When God made this world
He made it (I'm sure) for
Wonderful People
People like you-
Mom and Dad :)

For all the love
The warmth
Tenderness and joy
You gave us;
The tears, sorrow
You shared with us...

For the lessons you taught us
The strength you gave us
The independence and faith
You inspired in us...

A prayer for you:
That joy will dog you, always;
That sorrow may be a thing
Of the past;
That you may enjoy the company
Of you great-grand children;
That you may be together
Beyond eternity;
That you may find peace
And may it always be with you...


This, and life's totality
We hope, will be yours, this day

And always...

Our dearest

1 December, 1985


Today, 7 December, is my parents' wedding anniversary. Just rewinding to an old write, to wish them :) The picture is of them, a couple of days after they got married, way back to almost fifty years ago.


  1. That was a nice one..
    truly nice one, Usha

    ofcourse, when it's for our parents we give the best :)


  2. hey usha,
    wishing ur parents a happy anniversary too...
    may they have many more together...

    **When God made this world
    He made it (I'm sure) for
    Wonderful People
    People like you-
    Mom and Dad :)**

    that's something i loved a lot in this poem...its something all children could dedicate to their parents...

    kudos...for such a treasured write...

  3. This is so beautiful :)

    God bless them with many more wedding anniversaries full of joy and love :)

  4. That was so sweet... The perfect gift - words from the heart.

    Warm greetings on this lovely occasion.


  5. Devika, Vinay, Shalu and Karthik,

    Thank you for the gracious words and the generosity of your wishes. I shall convey these, to both of them.

    Indeed, parents are the best, and so we are inspired to do what we can to the best of ourselves for them.. :)

    Thank you.. so very much!

  6. Teacher,
    Wish them on my behalf.



  7. Ammamma pinne ammachankku vivaha varshika aashamsagal! :)

    (With help from my college Mallu friends!)

  8. Wishing your parents a very happy anniversary and many many more years of happiness, peace and prosperity!

    Parents, undoubtedly are the most wonderful people ever! But for them, our progress, success and happiness, all of them stand irrelevant and unattainable!

    Good post! Quite a tribute, I must say!

  9. Please do wish your parents on my behalf too...

    ""For the lessons you taught us
    The strength you gave us
    The independence and faith
    You inspired in us... ""

    Yes... we owe it to them....

  10. hey..just loved ittt
    and sadly it made me miss my parents even more:(:(:(

  11. Beautiful :)

    Happy anniversary wishes to your parents!! (am late, i know!)

    Loved this!! never expected the pic thou ;) hehe!! added bonus! thank you!!

  12. So sweet of you to write such nicey nicey words for them..:)..they will be smiling today where ever they are..;)

  13. You know the best thing I believe to give as gift is your feelings and if you pen them down, then nothing like it!Loved it Usha-a nice ode to your parents. Wish them a happy marriage anniversary:)

  14. Usha,
    My wishes to your parents on their 'almost' fiftieth anniversary.
    I remember I organised a very grand affair on my parents 25th anniversary a dozen years back. I am glad I did that because my mom passed away a few years later.

  15. Many many wishes...
    thanks for the beautiful post

  16. So beautiful! :) :)

    My parents' 25th anniversary is drawing close too. This one, in a way, known only to me, gives me shivers :( [I still haven't struck upon an idea for the occasion :S]

  17. Came for a new one Usha..

    Hope all is fine with you


  18. And how such loving offerings are cherished, framed and displayed proudly by most parents!!!
    (getting senti, going to look for what my daughter wrote for me)...

  19. And how such loving offerings are cherished, framed and displayed proudly by most parents!!!
    (getting senti, going to look for a long ago mail my daughter wrote for me)...

  20. @ All you dear readers and well-wishers...

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all those warm wishes, and blessings.. :)

    I'd also like to convey thanks from my parents to all of you.

    Thank you.. a zillion times over!!!

  21. Nikhil.. :)Thanks!

    Tara.. great to see the Malayalam language coming through from you! Special thanks!!

    Rakesh, thank you for the good words on the write, and the insight into how precious indeed our parents are... We are simply nothing without them, and their support and guidance.. right through our lives!

    Dhiren, thank you!

    Praveen, thanks.. :) I do hope you were able to spend sometime with them over the past few days.. :)

    Sash.. never late, don't worry.. lol! And yes, i thought I'd give a teeny weeny bit of shock with that pic.. :) As always , the surprise factor works! Thanks!

    Samby, there were very touched... :) And I am lucky that I got to spend the day with them.. :) Thanks for the good words!

    Mithe, thank you! It felt good to write it, and even better, when they finally read it, that day! Incomparable!!

    Salil, thank you... Each one they spend together, and with us, is more and more precious, as the years go by.. ! Glad you were able to do what you did, and gladder that the memories warm you :) God Bless!

    MIP, thank you!!

    Rukhiya, am sure you'll come up with a winner... and anyways, what ever you do, they will enjoy it.. believe me... The most precious thing is you, and your sisters [and brothers?]. So .. all the best with the planning! Thanks for the sweet words!

    Shail, thank you!

    Devika, too darned busy these days.. the exam season has started, and I feel guilty if I'm not correcting papers, lol. And guiltier, if I don't spend time on my blog :) And reading others'. Shall make up for the reading part, as and when I can! Thanks for peeking in again :)

    IHM... sorry... posted both those replicated comments. :) But then,that is a double bonus for me :) Thanks for the good words! I hope you found that mail, and soaked yourself in the precious feelings.. :)

    Prabhu, thank you :)

    Meena, thank you!

  22. this is just so so so so bful..
    nostalgic..m too small n petty to say nything..
    God bless you..


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