Monday, 1 December 2008


The destiny planned out
weaves its intricate threads thru'
hearts of people;

tearing emotions, feelings
bonds, into pieces;

The work of that Superman?

I don't know now;
maybe I'll never know.
Maybe it'll remain as elusive
as that pot of Gold
at the rainbow's end.

Or maybe
the Wonders of the Infinite
will be understood
thru' the pains and sorrows
of living life;

Just cherishing those moments
that are worth the hell
the rest of our life holds..

I'll know...

26 January, '84

Picture, Courtsey:


  1. Very nice.. Nice to read and nice to feel..

  2. oh my god!! first one to comment...hey hey hey...written way back in '84...this is your oldest i have come were penning poems when i had barely started blabbering in baby language...and that too such gems...i liked the depth of this one...and you end it in your signature style...someday..i'll! you have been scribbling marvellous pieces for the last three decades daa...commendable...the very fact that your enthu about writing never wanes in itself is a testimony to the fact that you enjoy this completely...great daa..hats off!!

  3. Nice one, Usha...

    But, by the times one knows his/her own destiny in full...its time to go...

    and all the mid-way realities become meaningless, no??


  4. Fiducia, thank you :)

    Sandeep :) Thanks...:)Well, I guess, I have been around a loong loooong time, lol! Thanks again, for the kind words!

    Devika, right you are! By the time some of it is revealed, there is not much one can do... but still we seek that pot of gold, and live through everything with that hope eternal.
    Thank you.

  5. Annd you're back!
    I like this; hope, future and possibility. Like a child seeing forward instead of an adult looking back.
    Here's to always hoping.

  6. its not really possible for one to know in entirety what the future holds...and more often than not its the present which shapes the destiny is it not?

    by the time, v know what the future holds for us fully, it is time to this prospect i agree with devika...

    well penned gem of a poem...!! :)


  7. I read this somewhere-
    "The purpose of life, is a life of purpose"

    I believe the Golden pot is all long not just in the end.

    Good expressions to ponder , guess thats wat makes up most of our life, pondering:)
    as ever i liked this too :)

  8. Beautifully intricately woven words. Lovely..:)

  9. Someday we'll definitely know! That work of the Superman! As a child, I thought Spiderman was God, and would pray to him too!

    "Oh dear Spiderman..." and I would keep a watch on the window. Just in case... :)

    Beautiful as ever! That optimism comes through wonderfully! Everything is as per a plan, we may or may not realize its purpose then. But yes, Superman will take care...

    Gosh, I fear I'll run out of adjectives! ;)

  10. Sorry, am late:) Problems with the system.. :(

    Aareet, thank you for the faith.. :)

    Vinay, indeed, by the time we know, it may be too late, and so we seek. thanks for the good words.

    Shalu, trust you to find gold there too.. :) Thanks!!

    Mithe, thanks so much!

    Tara, I hope so too, about Superman.. :) Thanks so much!! And fear not, you shalt not run out of adjectives; you are too unputdownable for that :)

  11. one from an age when I was not even on earth, 4get abt my destiny:P

    the superman in heaven writes ur destiny..but if u really think u urself is a superman then u can easily re write it

  12. Praveen, words of wisdom there.. thank you:) Finally, no matter what, it is up to us isn't it? Thank you!!!

  13. such a profound write :) loved this!!

    n yea, de pic too!!

  14. Destiny or no destiny... Life is the best teacher. The test comes first, and then the lesson. We should learn to cherish them...

    "Just cherishing those moments
    that are worth the hell
    the rest of our life holds.."
    - Reminds me of Murphy : Smile now, tomorrow may be worse! :D

    You sure do prove you are an embodiment of the English language with such works. So glad to have bumped into you in this virtual world!


    I must confess. Actually... I completely forgot you maintained this blog! Hence the rush in commenting.


    Blogrolling this, too.

  15. Usha,
    Profound as always. I gueesed you have been around for a very loong time as you say :-) That is, to be able to come up with such deep poems so regularly.
    On destiny, I like this quote of Jonathan Larson and probably relate to it - “I can't control my destiny, I trust my soul, my only goal is just to be. There's only now, there's only here. Give in to love or live in fear. No other path, no other way. No day but today.”

  16. Karthik, it's a joy to see all of your comments, and bask in the warmth of your words :) Thanks a lot! And as far as being an emobdiment, .... lol! Not a chance! I always find something I do not know each day, and hence realize that I too am a learner, just chronologically and occupationally a little different from those on the other side of the teacher's table! :D!!
    And yes, I too am glad to have bumped into you :) God Bless!

    Salil, another beautiful quote to treasure! Thank you!! And well... I have really not been writing for all those years inbetween; there have been periods of intense drought and famine too.. :D! But, ever since the virtual world happened, a lot of inspiration has visited too! Thank you for being a part of it!

  17. Splendid..old truly is gold!!!!


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