Monday, 9 June 2014

Of Words and Wishes

My wishes are dragons
Breathing fire,
All consuming
Sometimes violent
Always intense!

My words, they lag
They linger
They've gorged on too much emotion-
They're dead-weights sinking in the
Of too much meaning.

Then they meet.
Those wishes, seeking words.

For all fire, for all the fire
And all their intensity
Nothing quite comes to be.
Dragons are too much of a myth
Too scorned. 

My wishes.
How different would they be!

And so, seeking that sense
Of being real; of being tangible
The dragons meet the words.

And the predictable happens -
Violence in words, and
Emotionally handicapped dragons.
Words spewing fire. 

I could have stopped it.
The meeting.

But perversity. Ah, the very thing.
How it haunts and pokes
And pushes. Me.

Right over the edge.

Till the trails of wispy smoke
Tell you, if at all you care-

The wishes met the words.
And consummated
The love that never was to be.

9 June, 2014 

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