Sunday, 15 June 2014


If I could photograph
Each drop of rain, from when it fell
Parting painfully from the cloud
Of like minded thoughts in drops

Falling down, down, down
Barely seeing. 
Just zinging down.
Of a different sort. 

If I could capture
The colours that drop caught,
In tandem with a million others...
Slip into the rainbow then,
And live those emotions.

If only, if only,
I could then save that drop.

From being spattered.

With my eyes, and through my lens
Keep it frozen, right there, 
When it deflects, reflects,
Not genuflect to the scheming
Insanity of those who don't 
Quite know, 

The magic. 

The absolute beauty.

Of how that drop came to be.

15 June, 2014
Online, prowling the www, on FB, and seeing this picture on Jeevan Mohandas' profile :) :)


  1. Lovely poem. Not only enjoyed reading it but also have had similar feeling after having seen a very magnificent view of nature . I wish my mind could recall those photos from memory's picture gallery.


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